July 23, 2015

The Circle: My Favorite Erotic Romance Authors

by Madeline Iva


Never LovedWhen I look up Charlotte Stein’s latest book on Amazon – (have you seen it btw? Looks delicious, doesn’t it? I mean, it reminds me of Sheltered, and that’s okay with me because I lurved Sheltered) — Amazon asks me if I’ve read Cara McKenna.

I love Cara McKenna.  And when I look up Cara McKenna, it lets me know that other people who also love Cara McKenna also love Anne Calhoun.

I love Anne Calhoun.  And when I talk to my friends who also love Anne Calhoun, they all tell me I must read Beth Kery.

But Amazon doesn’t recommend Beth Kery along with Cara McKenna, Anne Calhoun, and Charlotte Stein.  Instead, Amazon recommends Lilah Pace.  Okay, Amazon, I’ll check out Lilah Pace at some point.

Daring TimeYet I trust my friends much more than Amazon when it comes to recommendations.  And it seems like there is this circle of authors that embody the kind of erotic romance we all adore.  E rom that is smart.  Feminist-y in spirit.  Hotter than hellllllll.  Although–it does tend to stay in certain parameters, I’ve noticed.  Parameter which Beth Kery strays from (just gonna say it here–there’s anal in Beth’s work.)

So there you have it — a circle of erotic romance writers, with the token kinkster being Beth Kery.  Which is fine by me — I like the occasional down and dirty kink.  And apparently my erotic romance writing friends too.

You’re thinking that’s a pretty small circle — and you’re right.  I’d definitely add some concentric rings to go around it.  I’d toss Lynn Silver into the next ring, as well as Shari Slade, and Christina Lauren of Beautiful Bastard fame.  These ladies are definitely tromping around the same kind of romance territory in terms of tone, class, and you know, hotness.  (At least IMO.)

Amazon has its own opinions.  It thinks that if I like Charlotte Stein then I must like Skye Warren too. I find this fascinating –because Skye Warren used to write as Amber Lin who collaborated on a few books with–wait for it–Shari Slade.

But isn’t Skye Warren writing dark erotica? So why would Amazon recommend Skye and not Beth? No idea.  At any rate I’d toss Victoria Dahl into the next outer ring ’cause she’s working the same kind of hot sex stuff, even if she’s daffy and funny and much lighter in tone than everyone else.  She can zing around in a circle all by her self, kind of like an electron, circling the nucleus of an atom.  Maybe I’d add in Annika Martin for company (she writes that Kidnapped by the Kinky Bank Robbers series–rather daffy and light.)

And what about me and my writing? Well, hell.  I aspire to write like what I want to read naturally. But I gotta read more.  It’s not like I only want to fall to my knees and worship a few lovely erotic romance writers.  I’m open to more awesomeness and freely admit that while my Kindle is chock full of books, I am drawn much more to books people have personally recommended to me.

This is where you come in.  It’s time for audience participation.  Have you read these ladies above? Which of their books did you like best? If you have–or even if you haven’t–who ELSE do you recommend? I’m all ears–do tell.

Meanwhile, even though God and everybody is at RWA in NYC and we’re not, we can follow Lady Smut.  Hell, you can even subscribe to Lady Smut and win some books.  At the very least you can join our mind-meld about all kinds of smexy smart stuff.




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