Hot Fun in the City

27 Jul

by Madeline Iva

Hey all — Kiersten Hallie Krum ran off to Romance Writers of America’s national conference last weekend in NYC and needs to catch her breath after all the fun she had.

Hope she brings back goodies for us next Monday — new authors to talk about, new books to explore, and all the smexy news about what went down at the conference.

I was so happy to see that our mutual buddy, the ever-funny Kimberly Kincaid was nominated for a 2015 RITA award at the conference for her book PUSHING THE LINE.  Isn’t this cover to die?

Pushing the line

Heres Kimberly Kincaid at RWA in the middle of what she calls a 'hot lady sandwich'.

Kimberly Kincaid at RWA nationals in the middle of what she calls a ‘hot lady sandwich’.

Meanwhile, if you want to get your Lady Smut thang on, the Magic Mike XXL debate rages below.  Kiersten blogged about it HERE the other week and yesterday Alexa Day gave her own take on the movie HERE.  If like me, you’re gaga about the film, check out what these women have to say. 🙂


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