August 5, 2015

All Bun Up

By Elizabeth Shore

Our intrepid Lady Smut blogger Madeline Iva first called it to my attention. “How have we NOT done a post on this?!” she mused. Seemed like pure crazy talk, but it happened to be true. We hard hitting Lady Smutters had to date not yet pondered the merits (or lack thereof) of the man bun.

To be honest, I don’t recall a trend in recent memory more polarizing. When I asked a girlfriend about it, she texted back lightning fast in all shouty caps, “I HATE IT!!” Other Lady Smutters were of the same ilk. Yet there are polls showing that women, particularly those in the 18-24 year old crowd, love their guys with a pulled back ‘do. Makes them look “edgy,” they say.

David Beckham man bun

Male celebrities are eatin’ it up like the latest diet craze. One of the earliest adapters was David Beckham. As a dude who by most people’s standards could define the word “metrosexual,” Beck has had myriad hairstyles over the years and he’s rocked the man bun many a’time. I have to say, with his full sleeves of tats and careful facial manscaping, Beckham is one of the few guys (IMHO) who can pull this off. Plus, if he was running all over a soccer field carrying the hopes of a nation on his shoulders, he probably didn’t want his focus getting distracted by his hair. However, I’d be remiss if I failed to point out that this is the same guy who also once sported (gasp!) cornrows.

David Beckham corn rows

Jared Leto man bunBeckham aside, the world of the man bun has an array of devoted A-list followers, including Jared Leto, pairing it here with full beard and robin’s egg blue suit.

And Chris Hemsworth, who’s also a fan of the “mun,” as I’ve seen it called. Chris Hemsworth man bun







Even Bradley Cooper has kept himself on the cutting edge of hair fashion with his own version, preferring it a little higher on the head than the other dudes.

Bradley Cooper man bun

Samurai Warrior drawingBut before you start thinking that these guys are setting a new trend, it’s good to keep in the mind the adage of “everything old is new again.” In this case, ancient Japanese samuai warriors were rocking a man bun long before Hollywood came calling. So were sumo wrestlers. And Vikings.

So what’s a girl to do if her guy really, really wants to throw his hair back in a bun? Rather than shudder in horror and run far far away, the best approach might be to make sure he at least gets it right. Manbunhairstyle.net to the rescue! This website answers all of your burning man bun questions, including making the distinction between a bun and a topknot, and which products to use for your guy to look his best.

Like it or not, the man bun appears to be here to stay, at least until the next trend comes along and takes its place. Personally, I’m a fan of men’s buns, just not those on the top of their heads. 😉

To bun or not to bun? That is the question for you, readers. Let us know your thoughts on the man bun – or on men’s buns! –  in the comments below. And check back every day for a fresh new post so you’ll never get “behind” on the latest trends.

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  • Post authorKel

    I… honestly think it’s just another option for hair.

    Some people look good with their hair up, some people don’t. Some people look good with really short hair, some people look better with longer hair. I don’t see why gender has such an impact on why or what people think should restrict us in looking the way we want to look, or doing the things we want to do.

    Incidentally, people with stronger jaw lines look better when the jaw is highlighted. Since men tend to stronger jaws than women, and pulling (or cutting) hair up and back tends to highlight jaw and cheek lines, men tend to look pretty good that way.

    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      You always have interesting comments, Kel.

      What I keep reading about women’s objections is that the style seems “feminine.” Why that’s a problem and ponytails aren’t (for the most part) could be simply what we’ve gotten used to.

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore
  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    *Love* the bun! Love it! Yeah, it softens up a guy’s look, and I roll around on the floor with happiness when super macho-guyness is tossed a little feminine. To me it sometimes has the effect of emphasizing their manliness even more. It’s not just the jaw line–as Kel mentioned, it’s also the forehead is accentuated. And I for some bizarro reason love an awesome forehead.

    Man bun rules!

    Kel DOES always have interesting comments…

    Reply to Madeline Iva
  • Post authorLeah St. James

    Yeah, I hate the man bun (uh, the hair version). I must confess, I have little or no affection for the man ponytail either! I guess I like my macho guys just plain old macho. 🙂

    Reply to Leah St. James
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