Sexy Saturday Round-Up

8 Aug

By Liz Everly and the Lady Smut Bloggers

SSRUHello Sexy! Happy Saturday! Start (or finish) your day with some fascinating blog posts curated just for you by us.


From Liz:

Sex pots of the ancient world.

Big and beautiful woman struts her stuff.

Taking a male pen name. Hmmm.

From Elizabeth Shore

He’s gone (sniff). A farewell tribue to Jon Stewart.

So, um, do you really want to know how it is? Eight women who’ve tried anal sex describe what it’s like.

Are men intimated by powerful women?

Predicting the Game of Thrones season 6 story lines by its shoot locations.

You don’t believe that, do you? 10 outrageous lies your man is telling.

From Madeline Iva

One woman talks about What I Wish I Had Known Before Reporting Sexual Harrassment.

Action movie fan? Here’s some romance recs to get your blood pumping.

Holy lip-gloss Batman! Bust reports on The Make Up Tax.

Surprise! Huff Po reports on What keeps your mate interested.


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