Sexy Saturday Round Up

15 Aug

SSRUHello Lady Smut Kittens!

Time for another Sexy Saturday Round Up. We’re brushing the sand from our bikinis and tap-taping on our keyboards to find you delicious links for your weekend enjoyment.  Take another sip of that margarita and enjoy…

From Madeline:

Is sex-ed dead? Funny man John Oliver has some issues with our American educational system when it comes to teaching little ones about sex.

Ready? Set? ORGY! A Toronto sex party for the disabled — oh Canada!

WHAT was going on? Sex, death, and an HOA scandal rock Las Vegas — even the FBI had to be called in when things got seriously out of control.

From the Frisky: Ever heard of the “breast nest”? 

From Ask Men: Ten things a guy should know how to do with his tongue.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Sharon Stone: Naked and fabulous.

Carbs and peanut butter and meat – oh my! How to eat like a ballerina.

8 things you must know before getting a bikini wax.

Don’t like sexting? Get over it. Everyone’s doing it.



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