Sexy Saturday Round-up

22 Aug

SSRUHello, Sexy! Welcome to your Saturday. We’ve been scouring the Internets looking for the best posts to bring to your weekend. Enjoy!

From Liz Everly:

How to Make Me Come (an incredible blog!)

The Right Way to Dominate Your Man

Not Liking Casual Sex

From Elizabeth Shore:

Your breasts are perfectly normal. Who knew!

The unwritten “fat girl” rules – and how one author blew them to smithereens.

Henry Cavill: Super Spy.

From Madeline:

Love me some gingham prints! From WE WOMEN: 30 ways to rock the gingham print trend.

OMG. Horrible people committed to photo-shopping plus sized women.  Blerg!

Have we posted this before? Mindy Kaling guide to killer confidence. 

We are not broken: Asexual people speak out against asexual characters in pop-culture.

Booyah! Two women pass the Army Ranger qualifying course. 

This woman has the world’s most scientifically beautiful face?





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