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August 30, 2015

Spent from Blushing, Ready for Tuesday!

Nothing refreshes like a long weekend of handling implements. *sigh*
Nothing refreshes like a long weekend of handling implements. *sigh*

By Alexa Day

I have been in the nation’s capital this weekend, where I presented a workshop on Writer’s Self-Confidence at the Passionate Pen conference, hosted by Blushing Books. What a party! Is there anything better than hanging out with the sort of folks who discuss the Oxford comma, the mysteries of Amazon and its algorithms, and the relative merits of floggers and canes?

I can’t think of anything. Not just now.

While I’m recovering from my trip, why don’t you enjoy clicking through some of my favorite posts from the last few months? Don’t worry. I’ll be back to provoke your thoughts in just two short days — I will be sliding over onto Tuesday starting this very week!

See you there.

In the dust-up over “female Viagra,” I think we lost sight of the “male Pill.”

I really hope the whole dadbod thing is over by now.

How do *you* feel about your Number?

And I think I’m still a little put out about this guy who was outed.

Get to clicking! And follow LadySmut. We know how to party around here.

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