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September 10, 2015

Like Boxers?

by Madeline Iva

Not these boxers —

Nicer than tightey whiteys
Nicer than tightey whiteys

THESE Boxers….


So I’ve been reading books by Elisabeth Staab, who as you may know, did a saucy little interview with me HERE on Lady Smut once upon a time.

She’s turned away (for the moment) from paranormal smexy to rather sweet contemporary romances and has two new books out. Let’s take a gander, shall we?

At the Stars -- click to buy.
At the Stars — click to buy.

One is called AT THE STARS and the other is ACTS OF CREATION.  Both include boxers — yaz! The super sexy kind, not the more dignified alternatives to tightey whiteys.  To be honest, in AT THE STARS our hero is really more an ex-boxer turned car mechanic.  (Which is even more of a turn on, right? Clearly the man knows what to do with his hands.)

AT THE STARS is sweet.  The story starts out with two pretty tortured people, and who doesn’t like a tortured hero? Nobody, that’s who.  Our heroine Cassie is not just tortured, she’s desperate, as her car has gone into million dollar repair mode and it is Just Too Much on top of everything else she’s had to deal with.  Thus, she’s stuck in small town nowhere with Mr. No I Just Can’t Get Involved Right Now.  Ah! A reluctant, distant-yet-hot hero named Jake that she has to win over with her charm and pluck. Why this is just the kind of plot I salivate for.

Okay, not to put any spoilers in here–but in AT THE STARS we meet the h/H of the next book ACTS OF CREATION–and we find out some pretty important key stuff that lays the ground work for Elisabeth’s second book.  So I’ll just put it out there.  ***MAJOR MAJOR SPOILER ALERT***

In the first book Cassie the heroine meets Michelle — and Michelle, the heroine of the second book, is a rape survivor.

Click to buy

The thing is: Dante, the hero of the second book, is a survivor of sexual abuse too.

Boom!  I’m just so into it people — a super tall, achingly vulnerable guy. Seriously, I’m melting here.

He’s living a lie.

Dante Ramos: Champion. Ladies’ man. Party animal. Women want him, and men either want to be him or put his lights out for sleeping with their girlfriends. It’s all an act. Inside, he’s so full of self-loathing he’s on a fast-track to self-destruction.

She’s living in the shadows. Meeting Michelle at a support group for assault survivors shows Dante a new world of possibilities. Finally, someone in his life might understand him, and she creates in him a fierce need to protect. Trouble is, Dante lives his life in the spotlight, and the only thing Michelle wants is a place to hide.

So this book has me by the scruff of the neck because these guys are MUCH MORE tortured than the pair in AT THE STARS and I’m just hanging on every line.

Hey — so you might like these books too, right? Check them out.  Buy them.  Just click on the covers to go to Amazon.

Meanwhile, I’ll be at the Second Annual Washington Readers & Bloggers Luncheon with Elisabeth Staab on October 10th, which is coming up.  YOU SHOULD COME TOO! JOIN US and we can ALL HAVE AN AWESOME TIME together.  (Okay, I don’t mean to use so many caps. I know I’m shouting in your head. But last year was crazy fun; it’s such a great event for readers, so I’m all excited, I guess.)

Just go to facebook HERE to see the other fun n fabulous authors who will be there to shower you with gifts and click the link to sign up.

Meanwhile, follow us at Lady Smut if you like your blows right in the kisser.

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