Sexy Saturday Round Up

12 Sep

SSRUHello readers — Welcome in the fall with today’s fun links and then get out there and enjoy yourself.

Today I’m allllllllll by myyyyyyyyy sel–el-elf.  But that’s okay, Elizabeth Shore will be back next week and there’s a lot to look at here:


From the NYTimes: When your sex life doesn’t follow the script. 

Loved this post: Your boobs are amazing—so find a bra that truly fits:

He’s quite fit! The 54 year old model

One way for guys to ramp up their sex life: take on more child care duties.

Heard about the controversy surrounding the fat shaming video by Nicole Arbour? Well, amidst the backlash here are 7 things you might not think are fat shaming but are.

For the record I would like to see all of these celebrity pairings played out: If Hollywood Age Gaps Were Gender Swapped. 

From HuffPo: Why “Diary of a Teenage Girl” is the most important film about sex this year.

And I think this age problem starlets have probably could say more about the maturity of young actresses to handle great roles than it does about men who are long in the tooth before they make it.

Several Arab women search for their inner goddess via selfies.

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