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September 19, 2015

Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRUHello! The scent of fall is in the air, and Lady Smut is here to bring you a little reading pleasure for your lovely, crisp weekend.

From Madeline:

Aw common! Call for a Ban on Robot Sex.

Bust Mag reports on how the Republican Pres contenders stuttered when it came time to suggest what female historical figure to put on the ten dollar bill.

Jezebel blogger geeks out over smexy scenes in Black Swan.

Romances chock full of diversity, right cheer: https://storify.com/AlishaRai/romance-recs-we-can-all-enjoy

Do gay men enjoy staring at naked gay men? Well, it depends–but Alexis Hall sez, Uh, not at the UK LGBTQ Fiction Meet Dinner.

Romance Novels for Feminists blog reflects on the new documentary about romance books and authors, calling it A Tale Of Pride and Prejudice.

Hell to the yeah: 7 Scientific Reasons Why Morning Sex Is The Best Sex Ever.

From All About Romance: When Fiction Gets Work Flat Out Wrong.

‘Gone Girl’? Nope.  City police have to learn the hard way they were asshats over woman’s kidnapping.

From Elizabeth Shore:

You’re a good woman! So why did he leave you? Here’s why.

Lady Gaga once again doing good, this time calling attention to sex assaults on campus.

The deficiencies of sex education, or “why don’t we let kids know sex is fun?”

App alert! Get your weather from cats. No, seriously. Download this fab app now.

A beginner’s guide to anal beads.





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