When You Gotta Boink to Save the Planet: Patricia Knight’s Verdantian Series

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by Madeline Iva

Hello, Kittens! We’re talking about s/f erotic romance today with Patricia Knight.  She has a series with two achingly hot men who’ve gotta get it on with an adorable princess–to save their planet, doncha know.  It’s call The Verdantian Series.

MADELINE IVA: It turns out that we have remarkably similar tastes in sci-fi.  Tell us some of your old favorites.

PATRICIA KNIGHT: Anne McCaffrey, Madeline L’Engle, Ray Bradbury, John Norman, Poul Anderson. Add in the wonderful Anne Bishop and her Ring series. The only problem with these books is there’s no graphic sex. It was implied…but not described.

MADELINE IVA: So what are some recommendations of books you like that DO have explicit sex? If someone is new to reading s/f erotic romance, where should they start?

PATRICIA KNIGHT: I’d start with Morgan Hawke. She writes steaming hot sci-fi of the M/M/F variety with heavy BDSM elements and has inspired many torrid scenes in my novels.

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Nathalie Gray has a number of erotic romances firmly in the science fiction genre. After that, probably Denise Rossetti. Her Gift To the Goddess and Tailspin novels are fantastic erotic fantasy. Tymber Dalton is also reliably good. She is available through Siren Publishing. Many of her sci-fi books are menage.

Zannie Adams has a book, The Hold, which is scorching hot. She has gotten her rights back from Ellora’s Cave and is now publishing independently. The book is available through Amazon.

MADELINE IVA: Except she’s publishing it under the name Claire Kent. Any fantasy erotic romance recommendations? I know it’s not quite what you write–you’ve got inter-planetary travel and such–but I’d be interesting in hearing if you’ve read in that genre as well.

PATRICIA KNIGHT: LOL, according to some reader/reviewers, it is what I write. <laugh> A author friend of mine, Marilyn Lakewood, has just released an erotic fantasy, The Warriors of Strathan. It’s a very hot read!

Lila DuBois has a series “Zinahs” Book One is Forbidden. I read the series years ago and they have remained in my mind. The series is polyamorous, M/F, containing elements of FemDom and lots of kinky toys used on hunky men.

Kim Dare writes M/M and M/F with strong BDSM elements and I remember her books as screaming hot. “Duck” is the one that comes immediately to mind, as does Silent Night, but I’ve read a number of hers and they are all excellent.

Moira Rogers has a series about shifters that will keep those winter night toasty, as well as a series about a dystopian earth under the name Kit Rocha that is a “one-handed” read.

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MADELINE IVA: Oh, we know all about Kit Rocha here at Lady Smut. I was wondering, what’s the difference for readers between a m/f/m erotic romance and a m/m/f erotic romance book? Am I right in assuming that it’s more complicated than some women just don’t like m/m?

PATRICIA KNIGHT: Wow, Madeline…what an excellent question! I suspect that the M/F/M varieties of menage appeal to those women who want the fantasy of hunky men making love to them where they are primarily the recipient—lolling on a sumptuous bed while handsome, virile males give you 100% of their attention—your only task is to lie there and come to orgasm. Phew! Sign me on!

Plus, there is the issue of monogamy. You usually have two men who are monogamous to one woman…they just happen to share. I think of idea of two men with one woman makes excellent sense.  Later on in life as a women’s sex drive increases, it will take two men to keep HER satisfied.

With, M/M/F menage, the emotional and physical dynamics of sex between two men is very different from that of a man and a woman.  Men are more primal—if you will. I disagree with those who maintain women are not aroused visually. That has not been my personal experience. There is a certain vicarious titillation that comes with watching all those straining muscles and ferocious passion between sexually involved males. For example, in HERS TO COMMAND, there is a scene where Fleur watches Ari and Doral make love and is furiously turned on.

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From a psychological standpoint, a man submitting to another man could remove him from the “alpha male” category that we so often write our main characters into. Personally, I like a two strong males interacting with each other. What makes the relationship possible is that they love each other and are willing in the end to do what will make their lover happy—even if it means that one of them takes the subordinate role.

MADELINE IVA: <panting> I totally get what you’re talking about.  Men with their muscles writhing about together–yup.

PATRICIA KNIGHT: I suspect that a M/F/M reader is more interested in “true luv” and the emotional commitment of more than one male, while a M/M/F reader is more interested in passionate sex, and it doesn’t matter who’s having it. Not that this reader doesn’t require a loving relationship, she does, but the physical details of the erotic encounters don’t require the same grounding in “twooo luuurv.”

MADELINE IVA: Or maybe the true love is taken for granted, less angsty, perhaps? At any rate, what inspired your series about a sentient planet, Verdantia, that requires sex from her people in order to thrive and protect them from enemies? This story involves m/m/f sex and it was hawt.

PATRICIA KNIGHT: I’m not going to give you my standard answer. I’m giving you the in-depth, behind-the-scenes stuff I have never told anyone else.

The Verdantian series was born on a website called Literotica. It’s a wonderful, uncensored site that gives an open venue to folks who want to write erotic stories for their own pleasure and share them with other like-minded folk. There are absolutely no filters on subject matter and all the stories are posted free. It’s “reader beware.” If you get squigged out by some of the subject matter, well, you’ve been warned. Some are GOOD amateurs and some, wince…not so much.

I started out to write a short story about a princess who had to save her planet. The idea of a powerful woman being overwhelmed by uncontrollable arousal and then teased and denied orgasm by a dominant man floated my boat. I wanted the story grounded in fantasy and science fiction because these were the genres that have lit me up since childhood: Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe and Rob Roy, C.S. Lewis’ Narnian series and then Robert A. Heinline’s A Stranger In A Strange Land and Frank Herbert’s Dune come to mind immediately. Of course never satisfied with the ordinary, I took it a step further and made the continuation of their planet hang in the balance.

A year later—after much editing—the 90K version of Hers To Command was published. From beginning to end, the process of writing Hers To Command and seeing it published took three years.

MADELINE IVA: We start off in the first book with some heavy interplanetary politics and our hero/hero/heroine pulling back their Verdantian society on the brink of destruction.  Of course they do this by tapping into the sentient planet’s murky powers via intense sex. Where do we go from there?

PATRICIA KNIGHT: We get to look at the reconstruction of the planet’s society in the aftermath of almost complete annihilation as seen through the eyes of secondary characters.  In book two, Hers To Choose, we see what happens to Doral’s sister after she is rescued from the planetary invaders. We see what happens to the Captain of the Queen’s Guard as he is sent to escort her home from where she’s been sent to recover mind and body.

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Through the passage of time, as seen through the eyes of different characters, you see the world Verdantia as She emerges from almost total destruction.

MADELINE IVA: Loved Doral! — And what’s your latest book in the series about?

PATRICIA KNIGHT: HERS TO CAPTIVATE is a M/M/F erotic love story about Tristan DeHelios, Angelica Giverny and a third character, Magellan DeLan. Tristan and Magellan have History (with a capital “H”). HERS TO CAPTIVATE is the story of their relationship to each other in the face of difficult circumstances. Given that both of these men are sexually attracted to each other and are both trained Doms…well, sparks fly. Add in the third element of a woman exploring her submissive tendencies and you have what I hope is an interesting tale.

MADELINE IVA: Sounds good to me. I understand it’s not out until NOV 1st, 2015—but that means I’ve got time to read books #2, 3, and 4 first! 🙂  Thanks so much for being with us today, Patricia!

Readers — HERE is where you can find book 1 of Patricia Knight’s series on Amazon.  If you like hot M/M/F action, and a mysterious planet with your sci-fi, you will love this book.  At $2.99, it’s a great price to start a new series.  


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