Sexy Saturday Round Up

26 Sep

SSRUHappy Saturday, campers!

Kick back and relax, read all about the various sexy, romantic, woman-ish stuff going on in the world. This week we have a lot o’ posts about ‘being nice’ when it comes to women.

From Madeline:

The Atlantic dishes on Amy Schumer and the Power of the Lady Jerk.

Ever ghosted someone? The latest in dumping and diving.

Why Time is a Feminist Issue.

Toxic People — how to spot them, how to scrape them out of your life.

Oh, I can hear the claws coming out already – Men discuss what makes a woman wife material.

Best sex positions for women–which as an added bonus includes the worst sex positions for women.

Do we like our romance heroines too nice?

Or not nice enough?

From Elizabeth Shore:

Need to get yourself in the mood? Binge watch these shows and you’ll be headed to the bedroom.

My husband is now my wife. Spouses of transgenders speak up.

Relax over the weekend with a virtual tour of one of the most beautiful places on earth. Check out the stunning beauty of northern Ireland.

Print books going the way of the dinosaur? Poppycock! So say the print books sales.

Only a few more weeks until The Walking Dead new season premieres, and we hear announcement of a major new character. Yea to the zombie apocalypse!

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