Lawyers & Doctors Oh My! Chatting ‘Bout Sexy Intelligent Men with Kate Allure

Lawyer UP
I lurv this cover.

by Madeline Iva

Who is at home today, buckled down for Hurricane/tropical storm Joaquin? I am, I am! While you do your best to stay warm and dry, we’re having a little ole chat with Kate Allure about hot lawyers, sexy doctors, and her two story collections published by Sourcebooks.

MADELINE IVA: I’m trying to think why — when there are so many sleazy lawyer jokes out there — that in general, I wanna say lawyers are hot.  I’m wondering, is it because of the suit?

KATE ALLURE: OMG yes! Men in suits are so sexy. But there’s something more about the profession that makes it sexier than say a businessman in a suit, and I think it’s two-fold. Yes there are lots of sleazy lawyers out there, but there are also ones who are good-hearted, who work tirelessly to help people in need. The trope of the lone lawyer against a big corporation, for instance. A businessman or financier helping a heroine get rich…well, that just doesn’t give you the same feeling.

The second reason I, personally, find the profession sexy is that intelligence is hot. I’m always drawn to heroes that have as much upstairs as they do on their biceps, and lawyers, both real and in fiction, can be very smart.

MADELINE IVA: Totally!  Smart men have it hands down over the smexy mimbo in my opinion.

SuitsKATE ALLURE: Lastly, I would add that the television show, Suits, has done a lot to make the profession sexy. My hero, Jon Bateman in “Attorney-Client Privileges” (one of three short romances in Lawyer Up) is a California surfer-dude version of Mike Ross from that show. Yum!

MADELINE IVA: Do you agree that a hot guy in a suit is even hotter?

KATE ALLURE: Even guys with less than stellar bodies look put together in a finely tailored suit, like they’re ready to take on the world. But if the guy’s already gorgeous, then putting a suit on him is like the icing on a cake—delicious, sweet, and mouth-watering. There are so many ways to go here, a veritable smorgasbord of masculine yum! There’s the Chris Hemsworth type—Nordic, barely tame, long blond hair. On him, a suit is like taming a wild thing or a god (sorry, couldn’t resist). Or how about the naughty boy Joe Manganiello—dark, thick black hair, dangerous glint in his eye. On him, suits turn an earthy werewolf into every girl’s fantasy of the urbane bad boy.

MADELINE IVA: I wonder if I was traumatized by the debate team in high school–if that’s where my drooling over a guy who’s fast on his feet and wearing a tie began. What about you? Any formative guy-in-a-suit moments growing up?

KATE ALLURE: As a young man, my DH worked in high-end consulting where business suits were de rigueur. We just about had to take out a second mortgage to buy him several designer suits. And he always looked amazing in them…still does, and that’s the magic of a nice suit. They make guys look confident.

Last week, both Hugh Jackman and another male guest on The Late Show wore gorgeous suits, white button-down shirts open at the collar, and no ties. I thought, “Ah ha. That’s how suits are worn these days.” In LAWYER UP, the playboy judge of Orleans, Emmit Stockard, in “Of Writs and Writhing” would look fabulous like this. Sexy casual elegance.

Hugh suits up.
Hugh suits up.

MADELINE IVA: Lawyers also kind of take care of people — when the chips are down.  I’ve got a WIP about a lawyer and he takes care of the people around him, almost reflexively.  A legal doctor, if you will.

KATE ALLURE: Sounds interesting and I look forward to reading it…but are there the sexy bits? I love the sexy bits.

MADELINE IVA: Yaz! There’s a drunken Xmas office party that gets out of control and a very naughty birthday present.

Meanwhile, I love the concept of three lawyer stories  — how’d you come up with that?

KATE ALLURE: For my MEETING MEN series, it’s always been my intention to write about a lot of different professions. So my first book, PLAYING DOCTOR, featured…doctors, of course, and later books will include professors and men who work with there hands (EXTRA CREDIT and HANDS ON), and later policemen and firemen. The idea is to use each of these professions to create chance encounters with the opposite sex and then use the varied physical settings for unique sizzling eroticism.

MADELINE IVA: Meanwhile, not to change subjects but….I’d have to say that a top rival for the hotness of lawyers is a doctor.  How do you like your doctors? In the white coat? In scrubs? Do you find stethoscopes sexy?

Playing DocKATE ALLURE: In PLAYING DOCTOR Doctor Hunter Sterling does something very naughty with a stethoscope when “examining” his girlfriend.

MADELINE IVA: And once again this is a profession all about competence and caring.  I mean, in the real profession, we don’t want these people groping at us, but in the fantasy…the doctor handles you — and this is hot, hot, hot, yes?

KATE ALLURE: Yes, these characteristics are hot, hot, hot, but also there’s that secret ingredient for me…intelligence. You don’t get to be a doctor without that too.

MADELINE IVA: You know, I had a very interesting experience with an anesthesiologist once.  I was going in for surgery, and they’d given me the shot that made me feel very heavy.  My friend had told me that they have you count backwards from ten.  So when the anesthesiologist came in and said count back from ten, I did it very quickly and made it to zero.  He said “Oh, so you’re a smarty-pants are you? Count back from 100,” and adjusted something. I was out before I could even say one-hundred.  All I’m saying is that when I woke up if in some fantasy version of reality that guy had asked me out, I would have said yes.

Then there was the time I crushed out on the doctor who took my wisdom teeth out.  Totally about the experience of someone caring for me, holding my head in his hands, and his gorgeous warm voice and good bedside manner.  Any doctor experiences that left you…inspired?

KATE ALLURE: Read, “My Doctor, My Husband, and Me.” Most of it’s fiction, but the real part was the surgeon’s incredible ability to focus on you like you’re the only person in the world and like he’ll always be there to take care of you.  It made for the best bedside manner ever!

The other part drawn from reality was the part in the story where the friend whispers in the heroine’s ear to roll the wheelchair backwards over her foot. This friend wants some of that hot intensity directed her way. LOL. It doesn’t hurt that the surgeon is tall, dark, swarthy, and handsome! A regular Dr. McDreamy. If only they could all be like that…sigh.

MADELINE IVA: Before you go, let’s check out this FUN book trailer you had made for PLAYING DOCTOR.  (FYI: Some book trailers make me cringe, but I thought this one was pretty cute.)

MADELINE IVA: Those quotes are, um.  Half of me is thinking of my friends in the medical profession who would be like “That is so inappropriate.”  Half of me is giggling.

MADELINE IVA: Kate, if your books are as interesting and smart as you are, I’m sure our readers will be highly interested in checking them out. Thanks so much for stopping by!

KATE ALLURE: Thanks again so much!

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  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    I love how you kept reminding me this is all about things that connote intelligence, Kate. Normally, I’m all amped about how hot I think smart geeky guys are. But my mind has totally been in the gutter lately, and the brain has been turned off. I do agree with you fervently — smart is the best kind of sexy.

    Reply to Madeline Iva
  • Post authorKate

    Thank you, Madeline, for inviting me onto Lady Smut today. I love the smart geeky guy hero too (disheveled, tweeds, tousled hair) as well as the smart guy in a suit (trim, coiffed, put together). I’m working on creating some nerd heroes cause I enjoy reading them myself. The first one I found that put me straight into fantasy-land was NERD IN SHINING ARMOR by Vicki Lewis Thompson (crashed plane, island survival) and especially hot is Dephine Dryden’s novella THE THEORY OF ATTRACTION (nerd BDSM). If you haven’t read them yet, I think you’ll find they’ll keep you warm even if the power goes out during the hurricane!

    Thanks again, Kate

    Reply to Kate
    • Post authorMadeline Iva

      I’ve read Theory of Attraction–Love Delphine Dryden’s writing! I think I’ve seen Vicki Lewis Thompson around on fb, maybe, but I’ll have to check out that title. Geek heroes are the BEST EVAH!

      Reply to Madeline Iva
  • Post authorKel

    I think that the allure of the suit if two-fold. (I’m not usually all about suits, although I admit to a weakness for military uniforms. Blame my dads… that sounds wrong, doesn’t it. Blame them anyway.)

    Suits indicate a certain level of professional care and success in their field. Not that the care is inherently good or bad, but that it’s aware. Suits require a particular attention to detail to pull off, even when worn casually. I’m, of course, going to also point out that as a former costume-geek, a poorly fitted suit is in some ways worse that a pair of ripped up jeans and a ratty t-shirt. The jeans aren’t trying to care and missing*; the suit is.

    (* This is for personal life only. Ironically, in a professional environment, one gets points for trying and missing when interviewing for a tech position. Techs don’t generally do suits. A tech who is too comfortable in their suit is probably a sales person, and I don’t quite trust ’em. There’s a level of comfort that is acceptable, anything beyond that is too much.)

    And nerds don’t have to be socially incompetent. They can be capable, but jaded… or simply disinterested in the general drives of society, or successful extroverts with different interests (looks pointedly at Vin Diesel), or quietly mocking the world around them and shy as heck… nerds and geeks come in every flavor of human that everyone else comes in.

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