Sexy Saturday Round Up

3 Oct

SSRUHello ducklings!  Hang up that umbrella, take off those wet galoshes, grab a hot drink and cozy up on the couch for all kinds of science-y articles about our feminine innards. Enjoy!

From Madeline:

We’ve been batting the whole ‘sex bot’ debate back and forth at Lady Smut. The Altantic monthly however, argues that the sex robots aren’t coming for our relationships.

Like BDSM romances? Scientists seek to understand why pain feels good. 


Go away Aunt Flo!: 23 reasons why having your period is worse than the apocalypse.

10 Times Cheating Was a Very Bad Idea.

Why do we even have periods? Why Why? Scientists examine evolutionary reasons behind our complicated crimson tide. 

But at least we get to double down on the big O as science investigates the mystery of the female orgasm.

By Elizabeth Shore

You’re broken up, you’ve called it quits. Kaput. So how come you can’t stop Facebook stalking him?

Women’s top 10 sexual fantasies – if you believe this list, that is.

Sex furniture for plus-sized gals.

Men insecure about their armpit hair cause it’s not “manly” enough are getting pit hair transplants. Really? Yeah, really.

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