Dirty Books & Bethany James

by Madeline Iva (Kiersten is away this week)

“I don’t know, I just really love dirty books” –Bethany James said to me on the phone. Bethany is a debut indie author here today with her own lady smut-worthy dirty book reveal. Ta-da!

Here’s a blurb from her book: “Do you like to watch?” He whispers this question into my ear as he tugs my thong to the side. I don’t answer him but stay there, in the shadows, and watch the couple in the VIP room. I can’t look away. Watching them is turning me on more than anything ever has before. Do I like to watch?

Looks good don't it?
Looks good don’t it? Bethany James was born and raised in Florida.  She currently lives in Tampa.

We’ve met once in person and I just loved Bethany’s sense of humor. She’s a great storyteller too. Of course, once she says this about dirty books, I’m all ears.

And I think dirty books are FUN. You may be saying ‘What qualifies, in your mind, as a dirty book? We’re not talking porn here are we?’ No, no, not at all. I don’t want to speak for Bethany and everyone at Lady Smut is different, but I’m picky.  For me this is what I look for in an excellent dirty book:

  • strong romantic elements that aren’t too clichéd in terms of romance or gender (rolling my eyes)
  • scorching hot really dirty sex–preferably with some mild kink on the side
  • don’t mind a heaping of something forbidden, either
  • But it’s gotta be the right kind of forbidden naughtiness. Nothing skeezy.*
  • Not just vanilla erom sex**

See? I’m picky.

Since I tend to go back to a circle of authors again and again because I like what they do SO WELL, I’m always eager to get out of my rut. That said, the circle can always grow larger, and thanks to Bethany, here are two dirty reads I wanted to share them all with you mah friends, even if they’ve been around a while and you’re like, “Omg, I read that years ago!”

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REASONABLE DOUBT, Vol. 1 to my mind the dirtiest of the two.

Ooooh, this was a great dirty book. First of all, you have a really unlikeable ass-hat of a hero.   No apologies from this guy either.  Yet you get the feeling he wasn’t born a sexist pig or an asshole.  No, he’s making a point of actin like a selfish prick who knows he delivers in bed, and you’re waiting for him to suffer for it.  It was lovely.  Warning though – it’s a serial, and the ending is fabulous but you’re left with your mouth open and all strung out wanting more. (You can buy the complete volumes HERE.)

In fact, Bethany was so enthusiastic about Volume 1, she even told me the ending but I was so absorbed while reading it, I totally forgot that she told me. The ending was such a shock–even though I already knew what was going to happen.

Is it dirty, you’re asking? Yeah. Illicit is this anti-hero’s middle name. Yum. I’m reminded of BEAUTIFUL BASTARD, (which I loved) only I think it’s going to be meaner and even dirtier. At least I’m hoping.


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This is a ménage story that turns from m/f/m into m/m/f. Which is great if you like both flavors of menage, which–hey–I do! It’s very, very emotional, with a hot bad boy who joins a squeaky clean couple, though he’s secretly carried the torch for his best friend since college.

Was this book dirty? Yeah. Menage is always great for double penetration sex, (!) and m/m reliable goes for the back door when it comes to penetration too***. That said, it’s the cleanest dirty book you’ll ever read. Aside from the secret torch carrying that involves some REAL soul searching at one point, it’s suffused with emotion all over the place and the characters are nice, nice, nice. Everyone’s trying to right by each other, and yet they’re just sex fiends when they’re all together. (!)

A rather unexpected discourse about Ayn Rand pops up in the middle of the novel. (Has anybody ever taken the philosophy of Ayn Rand seriously? Scratching my head over that.) Anyway — Kelly Jamieson has a series of these books, you might want to check them out as well HERE.

Best of luck with your new book, Bethany! Hey everyone, Bethany just put up a page on fb–please go like her page so she’s not all lonely out there. 🙂

Meanwhile, Cara McKenna is sending me a cuckholding erom CROSSTOWN CRUSH this week.  Squee! Can’t wait to roll around in it.

I’ll see you all on Thursday when I’ll talk more about an amazing m/m erotic romance by Alexis Hall recommended by blogger Elisabeth Lane.

Until then, my lady campers – have fun.  And don’t forget to follow us at Lady Smut.

*For instance, I’d qualify my novella ‘Sexsomnia’ as dirty and although there’s a threat of major skeez, it never goes there.  The heroine explores what those enviable ‘dirty girls’ do when they have a one night stand, there’s back door action, as well as sex with cuffs at one point, and naughty boinking in a tattoo parlor.  See? Dirty.

** what’s classic vanilla erotic romance?  i.e.  a romance where the plot relies upon the sexual growth of the relationship, but the sex sticks to your basic blow jobs, oral, and vaginal penetrative sex. That’s not to say that h/H can’t have a heart of gold in a dirty book — it’s just that they’re being very naughty or pretty darn uninhibited/creative in exploring what they like to do to each other.

*** Would I call all m/m romances dirty then? Because they usually involve anal penetration, right? No.  I mean, if both guys are out or mostly out, and doing the usual male sex stuff together, I wouldn’t call that a dirty book.  Add in some BDSM though, and have one guy still married to a woman–that’s a dirty book.  And I’m rubbing my hands with glee.


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