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October 6, 2015

What a Girl Wants: Sexual Fantasy, Made Fresh

Yeah, this is nice, I guess. But is it really what I want just now?
Yeah, this is nice, I guess. But is it really what I want just now?

By Alexa Day

A list of women’s ten favorite sexual fantasies? Elizabeth Shore pointed it out on Saturday with — I imagine — a raised eyebrow. But I figured I’d check it out. I’m a woman, after all. I have fantasies.

I figured I’d see some old chestnuts — the rape fantasy has been on that list for years with the same warnings about how it’s a fantasy and not the desire to be raped. But as I read along and then moved into the list of men’s fantasies and then the sort of kinky ways to bring kink into the bedroom if you’re not that kinky, I realized that I was really reading with a professional interest. I wondered if this was the sort of thing women wanted to read about and whether I could write about them.

I hadn’t really stopped to think about what *I* wanted.

So what do I want?

Tough to say.

Right now, reality is crowding fantasy into a very professional corner. I’m preparing for a move, so I’ve got my hands full packing up the essentials of my life as the seasons change. Last week, as the weather turned, I was disappointed to find that all my closed-toe shoes and the teapot are already boxed up. Who has time for a genuine sexual fantasy? Not me.

Does anybody have that kind of time? Is that why we have these lists? To give us a set of easy, fill in the blank suggestions to kickstart some sexy fun?

I hope not. I mean, I hate to think that my fantasy life is that out of balance, but things have been pretty crazy lately.

Still, I’m worried about falling into a fantasy rut. I don’t want my go-to fantasy (and no, I’m not sharing, he’s all mine) to become a reliable standby just because I don’t have time to do better.

So I tried something else.

I settled down on the corner of the couch and closed my eyes. I let my hands rest, palms up, on my knees, and I gave myself time to meditate. You know, concentrating without focusing. Just relaxing.
And I asked myself, what do I really want right now?

The easy answer — I want to be warm, dammit — gave way to any number of warm and pleasant thoughts, none of which was on that top ten list.

So before I go back to letting one fantasy (radiator heat) elide into another (still not telling), I challenge you: what has your fantasy life done for you lately? Is it time for something fresh?

And are you following Lady Smut? We won’t leave you cold.

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  • Post authorKel

    Boring. Boring, boring, boring, boring.

    The “top ten” bore me. Seriously… if those are people’s top ten, why the hell haven’t they already gone to their partner(s) and said “Hey lover(s)-mine… can we work with this?”

    My all time favourite is sex in outer-space. True weightlessness, followed by underwater without that pesky breathing in water issue to interfere. Then there’s flying with my own damn wings and playing catch-me-find-me through the clouds until I’m caught… then there’s nekkid laser tag, preferably in the mud… although mud is annoying, so probably follows with actual sex in the shower…

    There’s the ever-popular dance-partner… the one who is just perfect on the dance-floor… and then later off it. (That one is excellent in real life, too ladies.) That’s sort of my epitome of the gentle, attentive lover. So attuned to non-verbal cues that they can blatantly seduce in public right in front of damn near everyone… and I am do not like to be watched.

    And of course the old-standby of just-right-here sex so damn good you literally end up climbing the walls. Being held up against a wall is the subject of so much fantasy because it’s really awesome… unless your wall is drywall, and then you’d better be good at home repair.

    Just sayin’

  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    Rather shocked you’re not sharing your fantasies, Alexa. I mean, this is what we *do* here at LadySmut. ; > I’ll confess my mind has been in the gutter lately, but hey, this is what we get to do as writers, have endless fantasies we sort through, thinking about which one enough others might share to make a good book.

    My very first pitch to an editor on the phone, I told her that the hero of my story had a ‘taming the bad bride’ fantasy. She laughed for a good two minutes at that. Still wondering what to do about that book — because usually gales of laughter is not what one wants from a potential editor. But there’s SUCH a great scene in the book involving some dirty sex and a wedding cake, so I can’t bring myself to abandon it entirely.

    Reply to Madeline Iva
  • Post authorSexyLittleIdeas.com

    That’s interesting because all the fantasies on my list tend to be ‘Go-To.’ I rarely fantasize about new things, usually only people and situations that I have enjoyed in the past – more like memories than fantasies. Maybe my imagination needs some dedicated Yard Time..

    Btw, Ladysmut, I really enjoy your blog and I voted for you at Kinkly.

    In case you had a second to check mine out and even perhaps vote for it, here’s a link along with my heartfelt appreciation 🙂

    Reply to SexyLittleIdeas.com

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