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October 11, 2015

Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRUWelcome pumpkins! We’ve got some gems for you here that will help you suck the marrow of pleasure out of your weekend.  Enjoy!

From Madeline:

Check out India’s Sex Temples

Denmark is desperate for singles to start boning on their vacations.

What is greysexual?

Inside the world of a macrophilia amazon woman.

What? No more skeezy hipster ads? American Apparel files for bankruptcy.

What happens when this one woman starts talking to guys who hit on her in the street.

By Elizabeth Shore

The Walking Dead Season 6 begins on Sunday! Whoo-hoo! Get yourself in a good-ol zombie mood with this amazingly cool trailer.

Has sex evolved?

Say it isn’t so! There’s a pumpkin shortage.

eBook piracy – how to make it stop.

The sex toys of the future are here.






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