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October 17, 2015

Sexy Saturday Round-Up

SSRUHello fall frolicking folks

–hope you’ve had a busy but fulfilling week.  We’re here this weekend to celebrate/mourn the passing of nudes from Playboy, and to thrust forward a bunch of other fun links for your weekend pleasure.  So get that pumpkin spice latte and kick back!

It’s Queer Romance Month! Let’s celebrate.

Speaking of gender-bending, here’s Constance Leathart: the forgotten aviatrix. 

Tired of campus shootings? Open carry of dildos on Texas campus creates controversy.

I only read it for the articles: Playboy’s nudes are going buh-bye.

Apparently, Playboy taking away the nekkid pictures is all about the ‘new masculinity’, yo.

This one goes out to Liz Everly — it’s the kind of article she used to post on SSRU and I miss her. Sigh.

5 Ways to Tell You’re writing in the wrong genre

Think Ronda Rousey is bad-ass? We do too.  She’s taking on the Patrick Swayze role in Roadhouse, playing a bouncer.  


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