Three Words of Horror: High School Reunion

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by Madeline Iva

(Kiersten is still away).

According to The Zombies it’s the time of the season for loving! What I love is no longer being in high school.  Doh! But now there are those hellish reunions to duck, avoid, or attend in a ball of seething vengeance.

Or–instead you can read OFF THE RAILS Isabelle Drake’s latest book. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and comes out October 27th.

Here’s the blurb:

Book one in the Make Me Over series

High school reunion—three words that threaten to derail Madison’s life. Now she has only eight weeks to find the perfect guy, the perfect job, or a way to pretend she has the perfect life.

Madison is less than thrilled when the invitation to her five year high school reunion arrives. When she refuses to RSVP with a yes, her best friend Tia reminds her of a pact they’d made—they’d use the reunion to show up everyone from school. But Madison can’t show up anyone. She isn’t the super famous superstar she’d bragged that she’d be. She’s an unemployed singer with no boyfriend and no job. Her only option? Find a way to fake the perfect life.

Eight weeks isn’t much time. But it is long enough to get drunk and enter a bikini contest, redefine the term date-from-hell, get caught in an awkward ménage and win a bar fight. But will all this bad behavior help Madison snag the blond, blue-eyed geek who was foolish enough not to notice her in high school? No matter what it takes, she’s going to find out.

Sounds like a wild version of Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion, doesn’t it?

Best. Movie. Ever!

I myself was almost exactly identical to Janeane Garofalo’s character Heather Mooney when I was in high school, only instead of the Justin Theroux cowboy hanging out behind the high school, I had a college guy show up on motorcycle one night.  Ah, high school is not for the faint of heart.

Best o’ Heather Mooney:

Friends, Romans, People Scarred By High School this is the first book in Isabelle’s new Make Me Over series.  (Which is a brilliant idea for a series–simply brilliant.) After you pre-order the book,  follow us at Lady Smut where we don’t need a make over because to paraphrase Mark Darcy, you like us “just the way we are”.

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