Sexy Saturday Round Up

24 Oct

SSRUHello autumnal adore-ants! All hail the glory that is fall.  Whether you’re rolling around with pumpkins and orange-red leaves in the field, or sipping on your pumpkin-latte in a cafe, we’ve got the latest for you in smexy fun this week, so read on McDuff, and let the LadySmut rumpus begin.

From Madeline:

Charli Howard’s angry at the modeling agents and she’s not gonna take it anymore.

Rough, tough, and in the buff? Do people actually wear pj’s anymore?

Make sure to bring this along with you on your next flight: Sex tips for joining the mile high club.

Just in time for Halloween. It’s a game show, no–it’s a horror show–no IT’S BOTH.  It’s HELLEVATOR.

Yes means yes–but it’s tricky for high school students.

Homecoming queen AND star of the football team? Yes, Virginia, you can have your cake and eat it too.

From G.G. Andrew:

Does grammar turn you on? It does many online daters. Better go check the spelling on your profile.

Want to know what happened with Luke and Lorelai? Gilmore Girls may be coming back– to Netflix.

Colin Firth alert: Bridget Jones’ Baby begins shooting.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Vaginal matters in all their glory.  Welcome to The Frisky’s Gyno Diaries.

Raking in the bucks: the 10 richest YouTube stars.

Sex tips from a Playboy bunny.

Ever been called a bitch? Gloria Steinem says here’s what you say back.

At last! For the first time in five years, Adele has a new song and video out.





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