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October 31, 2015

Sexy Saturday Round Up

GandyHappy Halloween! Got Gandy Candy?

We’re here to give you some sexy spooky fun while you’re cuddled up at home away from the rain, the tumbling scarlet leaves, and a thousand roving teens with pillow sacks waiting to pillage your candy bowl and TP your house.  Enjoy….

From Madeline Iva:

Are you a good witch or a bad witch? The changing history of attractive witches in America.

This one from our very own RKB: Why so many younger men have erectile dysfunction.

What is your fav porn star going as for Halloween? Bet she wears one of THESE inappropriate costumes.

Whoever came up with the “Anna Rexia” Halloween costume got this tumblr blast from an anorexia survivor. (Never thought anything would make me long for sexy corn on the cob again.)

On the other hand, with a little imagination you can use bits of your costume as sex toys. 🙂

From G.G. Andrew:

Sometimes you just gotta chase guys. Especially guys like this marathon-runner who used his body as a dating ad during a race.

Stumped for a costume this weekend? Check out these easy last-minute ideas. Tinder profile, anyone?

Do people chew too loud around you? It may mean you’re a creative genius. Or just, you know, easily annoyed.

From Elizabeth Shore:

The secret to a great sex life? Coffee.

It’s Halloween! You want to watch a horror flick! Here’s a list of the top 10 best over the past 5 years. Get the popcorn going.

What to do when babies ruin your orgasms.

Celebrity bomb! Prince Jackson admits that the King of Pop might not be his biological father – although he’ll always still be his dad.




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