November 3, 2015

Coming and Going: One Woman, One Apartment, and One Crucial Box

Trust me. You want to get involved with this.
Trust me. You want to get involved with this.

By Alexa Day

I’ve just moved. Well, in fairness, it’s been about two weeks; it’s not like it just happened. But each time I relocate, I’m reminded of why moving ranks among the First World’s most traumatic experiences.

I’m still in the process of unpacking my kitchen; whenever I think I’m making headway, I find more boxes of kitchen things. The bedroom is so full of boxes that the cats and I are limited to one narrow path leading to the bathroom and then on to the stairs. I keep having to ask myself if I still have certain fondly remembered outfits or if they were sacrificed to the Great Pre-Move Purge and Giveaway.

Still, I’m glad — or as glad as a person can be under these conditions — that the transition is underway.
What’s getting me from day to day? My Go Box.

The Go Box is a sturdy, well marked, easily accessible box that I pulled aside early in the packing process. I make sure that the Go Box travels with me. Like the laptop and my purse, it’s too important to go with the movers. It contains all the essentials that I knew I’d need in those first crucial weeks in the new place.

Cat litter. The shower curtain. Toilet paper. The corkscrew. Condoms. You know, the really important stuff.

So this week, while I try to find the good raincoat and work on choosing a new neighborhood bar, I thought I’d share the real gems from the Go Box.

Of course, my Kindle qualifies as a Go Box essential. I packed the new one that I won in a raffle at the Blushing Books Passionate Pen conference. For practical purposes, it functions as a backup connection to my email, but for the next little while, it’s also going to be the source of my pleasure reading. Right now, I’m using it to snuggle up with Shoshanna Evers’s Beast: The Untold Legend, a wonderfully dark fantasy romance with some of my very favorite things. Hot, sexy abduction … hot, sexy transformations … hot, sexy power play … and of course, hot, sexy sex. I can’t imagine when I’ll get around to unpacking books, so the new Kindle and Shoshanna are really getting me through a rough patch.

I made sure to put a couple of favorite DVDs in the Go Box as well. Blazing Saddles and The Hunt for Red October are sharing time in the DVD player until I can really settle down and figure out how much cable I have. I had probably seen each of them 30 times or so before I moved, so they’re like very old friends. Especially Red October. Alec Baldwin will always be Jack Ryan to me, and vintage Sam Neill is a great companion when you’ve lost the damned scissors for the fiftieth time in one day.

Most importantly, I’ve got the Redweld containing my WIP snugly tucked away in the Go Box. For a long time, it was hanging out on the edge of the bed because I couldn’t figure out where it fit in my career plans. But now I think I’ve made some decisions, so I’m ready to move forward with it. Finally.

By now, two weeks in, I’ve made the pledge that I’ll never move again, which I recognize as just another part of the relocation ritual. Part of me just wonders why I can’t pare my life down to the stuff in the Go Box. Why can’t I minimize my complicated life more?

Funny how one shoebox full of hot cocoa mix can make all those questions fade away, isn’t it?

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  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    Moving is dreadful. Can’t find anything, life is in uproar stage.

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore
    • Post authorAlexa Day

      OMG. For days I couldn’t even find a second pair of shoes. I was walking around in all that chilly weather with a pair of sandals on. I can’t wait to be unpacked.

      Reply to Alexa Day

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