November 11, 2015

Hot, Sweaty, Dirty. Got A Problem With That?

Hot guy with absBy Elizabeth Shore

Many years ago I had a single title historical published called Season of Splendor that includes a love scene in which the hero and heroine have hot, dirty, sweaty sex down in the basement where the hero is shoveling coal. I loved the imagery of that scene as I played it out in my mind. The raging fire in the giant stove. The relentless heat. Bodies coated in sweat. Here’s what I wrote:

He tossed aside the shovel and walked steadily toward her. Neither of them said a word. It was hot in the room – very hot. Fire roared from the coal stoves and the heat had long ago forced Devon to remove his shirt. As he drew closer Claire could see his muscles slickly outlined by the sheen of sweat covering his body. He crossed the room as gracefully as a panther, captivating her with the way his body moved. He was a study of masculine perfection. When at last he stood before her, she shook with desire.

Then, of course, they go on to have wonderful, nasty, soot-covered sex. That scene came to mind as I was thinking about our celebration this week to mark the release of our own Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Dirty Dates anthology. As I considered what to write about dirty dates, I thought, why not write about actual dirtiness? And then I thought of that scene.

There’s something incredibly sensual about messiness and sex. Think bodies covered in food, whipped cream and dripping chocolate smeared everywhere, tongues lapping it up. As I considered why that’s sexy, I started thinking that maybe it’s the relinquishing of control that’s the sexy driver here. When you get down to it, after all, sex is messy. Bed head, makeup smudged, not to mention the … er … fluids. But if you trust someone enough that you’re willing to give up that control, and give in to the messiness, ooooh the pleasures that await you.

OK, I’m good with that. But I’m still kinda hung up on what makes the messy so sexy. Let’s do a side-by-side comparison.

Young elegant business man leaning on a grey wall with his hands in pockets, looking away from the camera.










To be sure, I tried finding similar photos. These two don’t quite do the trick. The suit guy is taken from farther away than dirty pickaxe guy. Nevertheless, I pose the question to the masses: which one appeals? If someone, you know, twisted your arm and you just had to choose one of these two to take between your sheets, who comes out the winner? Now let’s be clear: I’m not talking about which one looks like he’d make a better living and know how to treat a girl in style. The edge would most certainly go to suit guy. And frankly, maybe the edge goes to suit guy regardless. Maybe the clean cut look will be our winner. I know who I’d go for. How about you?

After getting churned up after considering these two guys, how about grabbing your own man and sitting down together for a joint read of Dirty Dates. With the scorching hot kink for couples, you’ll be sure to keep your engine hot. And dirty.Dirty Dates


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  • Post authorSadieJay

    Personally, I’d probably have to go for the guy in the suit, but I have personal issues with sticky (ick!) and sweat stink (very sensitive nose).

    Reply to SadieJay
    • Post authorMadeline Iva

      I have a sensitive nose too, but sometimes certain guys smell very very good to me. (Is that wrong?) Although at an athletic event there’s this — I don’t know what to call it — testosterone stank? — in the air, and I find it overwhelming. Different from pure B.O. but still overpowering to my maidenly senses. ; >

      Reply to Madeline Iva
    • Post authorElizabeth Shore

      I don’t mind the smell of sweat if it’s fresh after the guy just gets back from his morning run or something like that. But if the sweat sticks around for too long and transforms into nasty skanky B.O. then yuk! I’m totally with you, SadieJay

      Reply to Elizabeth Shore

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