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November 14, 2015

Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRUThe scent of fall is in the air — leaves, woodsmoke, and frost.  Welcome to your cozy weekend resting place full of fun articles on smexy stuff, weird science about our bodies and gender, and other appropriately naughty news and uplifting updates.  Enjoy!

from madeline:

How your ears can give you skin orgasms.

The Atlantic reports on the evolution of bitchiness.

Stay away from UPLUST.

Love the PRB? Here’s a PRB Female painter time forgot.

Missy Elliot’s first video in seven years–Check it out!

Love the man bun? So do I.  The new *fake man bun*–not so much.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Candid conversation: when the guy you’re dating (and really like) has a super small penis.

Gotta do stuff for the kids but have no time? Fear not, just rent a mom.

Need a bit of brain pick-me-up? Try these 8 super foods.

5 reasons to try rope bondage – even if you’re not into kink.

From G.G. Andrew:

Fluent in sarcasm? Science says you’re different. Maybe smarter. 

That hot dude on the cover of your romance novel? Studies say he’d make an awful boyfriend, ruining all of our fantasies.

How the mob brought oral sex to the U.S.




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