Fatal Attractions Chat W/ Charlotte Stein on Twitter #BFILoveFest

20 Nov
So crazy. So good.

So crazy. So good.

By Madeline Iva

Hey Kittens! This afternoon, on Twitter at 3:30pm, you’re invited to come chat with me, our very own G.G. Andrew and Charlotte Stein about our love of fatal attraction in movies and literature.

We’re a part of the British Film Institute’s salute to romance — #BFILoveFest.  If you want to register to get the list of programs for the entire weekend on Twitter and Facebook, go HERE.

We’ll talk about the movie Fatal Attraction, of course, but ALSO other movies and films that have great dangerous romance aspects.  Join us by going on Twitter and using the hashtag: #BFILoveFest.

Our chat starts at 3:30pm (Eastern Standard Time) which is 8:30 pm in London (be warned–the schedule lists London times, or Greenwich Mean Time GMT.)BFI LOVE FEST

Tell us what you think (but please respect the views of others)

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