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November 21, 2015

Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRUHello fellow foodies! Gearing up for Thanksgiving next week? I can smell the apple pie already. Today we’re feasting on fabulous stories from around the blog-o-sphere.  Behold links to the latest and greatest out there in the world of smexy.

From Madeline:

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming! Here’s The Meanest Thing A Parent Has Said About Your Looks.

You seeing this Lexi? You have an unfair advantage with dating apps if you have a certain name.

Keep yourself safe in the city with the Bloody Meat Cleaver Purse.

Ever tried the whirlpool? 11 Mildly Kinky Things to Try With Yer Guy 

From G.G. Andrew:
Getting over it online: Facebook unrolls new features to make breakups less painful.

With the Star Wars premiere one month away, check out some of the weirdest theories of what’s going to happen, from the theory that Luke actually went to the Dark Side to the crazier one showing how Jar Jar may have been an evil mastermind.

And in other nerdy news: Spokane man attacks neighbor with a Klingon sword.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Apparently America has an anal sex fetish.

Wanna know how smart your kid is? Use this simple raisin test.

More sex makes you more happy – to a point.

Before you gear up for your after-Thanksgiving savings bonanza, check out these Black Friday horror stories.


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