November 29, 2015

I Put A Spell On You: Post Thanksgiving Blog Hop w Rachel Rawlings

Post-TDayBlogby Madeline Iva

Hello sugar plums! Chatting with Rachel Rawlings today.  We met at the Washington Romance Writer’s Luncheon last month, & our chat plus my chat with Caryn Moya Block are part of a blog hop from the even.  Links down at the bottom of this post. 🙂

MADELINE IVA:  You write about paranormal witchy mysteries — can you recommend anything that you really loved reading in the paranormal realm that’s super steamy or erotic romance?

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RACHEL RAWLINGS: One of my favorite series in the Paranormal Romance genre was Katie MacAlister’s  Aisling Grey series. Another one of my favorites would have to be Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series.

MADELINE IVA: Why do you love it so?

RACHEL RAWLINGS: With Katie MacAlister’s Aisling series the steam factor might not be as high for the more avid erotic romance reader but for me it was a great combo of humor, action and romance. Plus it has dragons! And for Karen Marie Moning’s there’s just one word. Barons. That sums it up right there, lol!

MADELINE IVA: What’s the latest/greatest in the world of paranormal?

RACHEL RAWLINGS: I think the Fae are the next vampire or zombie. They’ve been featured in several popular series over the years but I feel like the legends and lore surrounding the Fae, the creatures and courts involved in the world building is making a resurgence. Vampires will always be at the fore front and so will shifters but I think there’s something new and complex for writer’s to explore and we’re going to see a lot more in the realm of faeries.

MADELINE IVA: Any fav witchy song videos on you tube?

RACHEL RAWLINGS: I absolutely love I Put a Spell On You, performed by Nina Simone. It’s such a great song.

MADELINE IVA: Yes! Love this song so much.  Thanks for visiting us, Rachel!

Lovely readers, find out more about Rachel’s Dark Paranormal/Urban Fantasy and Horror books by checking out her Maurin Kincaide Series at http://www.rachelrawlings.com/. Find her on fb at: www.facebook.com/TheMaurinKincaideSeries and twitter: @rachelsbooks. Rachel is also the founder of the HallowRead Convention for fans of Paranormal Urban Fantasy, Steam Punk and Horror.  Find more about HallowRead at www.hallowread.com.
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