December 7, 2015

The Holiday Craze

It’s Theme Week at Lady Smut as we gear up for the holidays and Lawdy, but they are fast approaching. Some have even already begun. Happy Chanukkah to all our Jewish readers!

Hang on. Wasn’t it just January a minute ago?


Let’s face it, the holidays are damn stressful and I’m not only talking about worrying if you’ve been naughty or nice. (Come on, you read Lady Smut. You’re naughty by default.) Shopping and adverts and decorating, OH MY. (You do *not* want to know how many times I’ve Googled “gifts for co-workers”).

crawling into santa's lap

The holidays bring with it the super cray cray. Christmas (and the rest) does shit to people so that many lose their every lovin’ minds (and other things) in the mad dash to make the “perfect” holiday.

Well, if you’ve jingled your bells till they’ve cracked, here’s a respite for when you feel your crazy coming on.

cookie swap


A Very Murray Christmas.

I’m a big fan of the classic variety shows, especially Carol Burnett and Dean Martin shows. There may be only so much chintz I can tolerate–I’m no Scrooge, but seriously people, lay off the frickin’ emotional tinsel once in a while (I’m looking at you, Hallmark Channel)–but a boozy (Dean) insanely unpredictable (Carol) live show where anything can (and did) happen is right up my thorny mistletoe.

This year, that great giver of good TV, Netflix, gives us A Very Murray Christmas–a sincere spoof of the holiday variety show that has Bill Murray trying to put on his star-studded holiday show in a blizzard and without any of the said stars.

Includes an appearance by George Clooney who sings “Santa Wants Some Lovin'”. In a tux.

You’re welcome.

naughty is nice
See? Naughty is *nice*.

I dig the retro style of that second trailer and especially the use of the old skool order form at the end as the credits.

Whether your tinsel is plenty or your winter wonderland in the desert, step away from the cray cray and have some fun this holiday season.

You can get a start on the naughty stuff for the holidays by checking out Lady Smut blogger, Elizabeth SaFleur’s, new novel Untouchable, Book 2 in the Elite Doms of Washington series.

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  • Post authorMadeline Iva

    Nothing turns me into a crazed shop-a-holic like Xmas. On the other hand, there’s something about that retro-xmas style that is sedate and very civilized. Also glamorous. I think I like my Christmas with a lotta snow and with some champagne dresses and rhinestone sparkle. 🙂

    Reply to Madeline Iva
  • Post authorElizabeth SaFleur

    George Clooney! OMG. OMG. OMG. Okay, I just had to have a moment there.

    *Lay off the emotional tinsel.* Such wisdom! Perfect is boring – bring on the funny stories about the dog eating the Christmas ham and the cat climbing the tree. As for me, I’m one of the strange ones who enjoy the holiday shopping. (It’s justified spending.) Finding gifts that people aren’t expecting is one of my great Xmas joys. I’m also with Madeline on the sparkly dresses! So much fun. 🙂

    Reply to Elizabeth SaFleur

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