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December 12, 2015

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Ho-ho-di-hodiSSRU-ho! It’s December and we’re getting our Christmas tree this weekend.  Time to start off with good cheer, dear readers, and some local organic nog.  Add to that some Saturday links to all things smexy, strange, and gender-ific from the world at large and you’re all set to deck the halls with holly.

From Madeline:

Hot Holiday Sex Confessions from Cosmo.

Like Jessica Jones? Like Scottish accents? David Tennant is charming as f*** in this interview talking about playing the show’s villain.

From Glamour: really great Naughty-but-nice gift ideas –but you probably won’t put the under the family tree.

Take this sexual personality test from Psychology Today.

The pentagon is finally allowing women in combat roles.

From G.G. Andrew:

How do classic love stories differ from other books? Check out these charts analyzing the great love stories, from Jane Eyre to The Scarlett Letter.

Just in time for the holidays: the weird theory that Home Alone was a prequel to Saw. That kid was a little crafty…

It’s time to shop. Check out 33 Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Cheese More Than People.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Romantic winter getaways, according to men. Oahu, anyone?

No matter what you’re doing, here’s how you can do it and be sexy.

Stay calm and shop, and get ideas from this U.K. gift guide.

Don’t just get sex, get the exact sex you want.



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