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December 19, 2015

Sexy Saturday Round Up

Geek Santa

Stuff those stockings with care, Kittens! This is our last Sexy Saturday Round Up for 2015.  We’ll see you back after the new year — in the meantime enjoy this weekend’s scintillating offerings of sex, smut, and gender across the globe:

Make this at your office party: a cocktail called Sign Up For My Boozeletter

Meanwhile, keep calm and party on: Here is your office party disaster recovery plan.

Watch out for this little worm that helps you get pregnant.

What if you try it with a girl? 

Back to the future — stunning futuristic romance covers from the 90’s.

It’s Tarzan with fangs! Ahhhhhh-ah-ah-ahhhhhhhhhhh! Alexsander Skarsgard and his long lean torso are in a new movie.

Just say no to thongs! 

It’s a hard life for a warrior maid.  Meanwhile, the bear gets its own trailer.

From Bust mag: Is an open relationship right for you?

How evil are you? A quiz for your least favorite person. 

These women are desperate NOT to have children.

Would you let a man mispronounce your name for 18 years?

Yay! The End of Female Mutilation in Nigeria.

So retro it hurts.  Anyone remember tupperware parties?

How To Use a Vibrator To Get a Better Buzz.

Young, black, and geeky. 

A few words from the guy who provides ‘happy ending’ massages to women.




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