December 21, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We’re in the final gasp of 2015 rushing straight into Christmas Week and then right on into the New Year. Here at Lady Smut, we’re taking our customary break from posting next week to gorge ourselves on unhealthy things, write until our fingers fall off, and go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens over and over and over again.

Though, that may just be me.

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This time of year is often when people find themselves catching up on things even as they’re inspired to look back at the time that’s just gone by way too fast. Why not do both? Here are links to a few of my favorite posts in 2015 for you to catch up and reflect on.

Writing Through Depression: a post about a workshop I attended this year at the RWA National Conference about, you guessed it, writing through depression. Truth in advertising.

Fellow Lady Smut blogger, Alexa Day, and I didn’t see eye to eye on this year’s Magic Mike XXL movie, but that’s what makes it all so grand. Here were my thoughts about how the movie supersizes a woman’s pleasure.

Contraception in romance: mood killer or a must see? Check out Gloving up in Romance.

Cara McKenna’s fantastic novel Hard Time had me musing on the Lost Art of Love Letters.

Pen names are merely part of the business of publishing, right? What are the Professionals Ethics of Pen Names?

elf on the shelf

Be sure to come back to Lady Smut in 2016 for all new posts on all sorts of naughty things!

A wish for a happy and health and safe holiday season to you and all whom you love.

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    Like like like! Here’s to a wonderful new year, Kiersten!

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