Sexy Saturday Round Up

9 Jan

SSRUHappy New Year, Lady Smut campers! Sexy Saturday Round-Up is back with the latest/greatest in whack romance, gender, and smexy adventures happening across the globe.

From Madeline:

Those folks practicing polyamory apparently can teach the rest of us a thing or two about good relationship skills.

Why BDSM is never-ever gonna go completely mainstream.

New Year’s Sex Resolutions from Ask Men.

Baby It’s Cold Outside–but also kinda magnificent at this Chinese Snow and Ice Festival.

From G.G. Andrew:

Love this photo series of young couples in intimate poses around the world.

Into classic movies? Here’s a fun list of old films that hit all the major romance tropes.

Bleak winter’s day? Check out these photos of the most colorful places on Earth.

From Elizabeth Shore:

What’s the top search term women used while trolling the net for porn? Lesbian.

Photographer Abigail Ekue sets out to “normalize and neutralize” the naked male body.

20 sexy things that always turn guys on – so says a guy.

Oddly fascinating. The secrets, tips, and tricks behind fashionable food photography.


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