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January 16, 2016

Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRUHey ladies n gents! Hope you’ve got the heat blazing and hot chocolate on the stove for another winter weekend of SSRU. Here’s the latest and greatest in the world of all that’s smexy:

From Madeline:

Actor Alan Rickman is DEAD. Snape. <whimper>.

The secret lives of mafia hunters.

Can you lose weight simply by eating dinner earlier?

Romance Novels for Feminists ponders reasons why you don’t read lesbian romances.

From Bust: First there was Sex in the City–now there’s AWKWARD SEX IN THE CITY.

GEEK ROMANCE BOOKS! (All kinds — sigh. Now I can die happy.)

From Elizabeth SaFleur:

Hot dudes with kittens. Nuff said.

Texts from your favorite hero? Huffpo talks about a whole new multi-media approach to reading romances.

Think library infographics are the best. thing. ever??? Take a look at the best library book infographics of 2015.

From G.G. Andrew:

When you’re done checking out the hot dudes with kittens, check out this Tumblr of hot guys with BB-8. Because Star Wars. And hot guys.

Looking for a good movie to watch? Check out this list of films with surprisingly hot scenes you didn’t see coming.

Mark Ruffalo once did a Clearasil ad. No, really, he did.

From Elizabeth Shore:

So you say you want a relationship? Stop relying on your smartphone for dates.

Mary Louise Parker talks blow jobs and yelling at cab drivers in her new book.

Stephen Colbert acts out all 8 of the best picture nominees so you don’t have to bother watching them.









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