Sexy Saturday Round Up

30 Jan

SSRUWelcome to the pleasure dome this weekend with Sexy Saturday Round Up.  Cold and gloomy outside? We’ve got the wild and weird, the slinky sexual, feminist, and outrageous right here.  So settle on in and enjoy the ride.

From Madeline:

What do millennials want? A little luv, it turns out.

From Smart Bitches/Trashy Books: a little rant on slut shaming in romance.

A comparison of Poldark then with Poldark now.

From Elizabeth SaFleur:

Got snow? Outrageous demands from luxury ski resort clientele.

9 lies you’ve been told about penises.

From G.G. Andrew:

You can donate to charity and enter a raffle to win a date with the sexiest doctor alive. It’s for a good cause, right?

It’s not just me: Heroes & Heartbreakers shares 6 reasons why Rey and Kylo Ren have shipping potential in Star Wars* (*if they’re not related).

Barbie made better: Mattel will be making dolls with diverse body types.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Take care of your man. 10 tips for men’s sexual health.

Fad alert! – rainbow freckles.

On the set of virtual reality porn.











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