February 1, 2016

Doing It Justice

by Kiersten Hallie Krum

It’s 11:04 on Sunday night and I’m stuck. Stuck, I say!

I’ve been working on a review for Kristen Ashley’s Sebring for most of the evening and lemme tell ya, it is not happening. This is not the book’s fault: it’s a great book. A proper end to Ashley’s Unfinished Heroes series (despite my tendency to picture a convertible every time I see the title) and an emotional, at times painful-in-a-good-way story. Ashley’s a master at crafting a tale whose characters wrap around your heart in seconds and whose journeys suck you into a new reality. But, for whatever reasons, I’m finding it more difficult than usual to articulate why I liked this book so much that I literally inhaled it the day it was released.

I want to do it justice. And right now, I’m not.

I review what I like–I see no purpose in writing a “bad book” review (though I’ve been known to go on a book rant when properly motivated)–so¬†when I do a review, I want to be sure to give that book the best shake I can. And tonight, I can’t.

Instead, I’m gonna go back to the page and read through Sebring again to make sure I’m doing the book and its author justice when I post my review next week. I can only hope it’ll be worth the wait. I know Sebring definitely was.

Finally, because I hate to leave you empty-handed–especially on a Monday morning–have some candy to sweeten your day.

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