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February 10, 2016

Sell Some Books, Damnit

By Elizabeth Shore

Hey Fab Readers! I’m tied up this week and am plum outta time for blogging, I’m sorry to say. However, far be it for me to let you go away empty-handed. My publisher sent out a nifty book marketing link that I’m happily passing along. It comes from the BookBub Partners blog. Never heard of it, you say? Hmmm. Well, when you get a free moment, jump on it. There are fantastic ideas galore out there. As a preview, check out these 98 Book Marketing Ideas That Can Help Authors Increase Sales.

Some of the ideas are obvious, but not so with them all. Take a look – BookBub Partners provide both a list and a slideshow with the ideas so you’ve got your pick. Good stuff.

See you next week!


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