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February 11, 2016

Hex: Michael Fassbender in Eyeliner

Pdvd_pg082By Madeline Iva

V-day is coming, but seriously, who gives a f***? Sometimes you want a love story gone wrong. You want witches, hexes, blood, and pens skidding across the table into your hand.

You want to feel all the power of cloudy thunderstorms and spooky-spooky things at your fingertips, and you want to feel it now.

Oh, and you also want Michael Fassbender to play your bad-boy lover.  He’ll be wearing eyeliner, and croon sweet nothings in your ear like, “There’s nothing more natural than death, Cassie. We’re born for it.”

World weary, but very hung up on you, he’s the anti-hero.  A kind of naughty, I mean naughty fallen angel ready to do evil when you’re not looking and pin you with his icy blue eyes when you are.  It’s enough to make your panties melt. You’ll never, ever redeem his cold cruel heart, but you won’t be able to resist trying either, will you?

The ultimate perverse joy of watching HEX, a not-new British television show is the way the show demonstrates desire as the art of withholding, namely by giving us just a little less Fassy than we want.


The show has other highly enjoyable qualities as well. For example:

  • Girl on girl titillation –
  • A funky lesbian roomie —
  • Cool manor turned into posh private school
  • Beautiful people moving around to slow creepy tension music
  • And a wonderful MASSIVE TWIST in the first two (the only two) seasons.

Lonely schoolgirl vs. a full court press of Michael Fassbender mojo? Poor Cassie hasn’t a hope.

Meanwhile here are my three Valentine’s day gifts to all you lovely readers out there:

  1. Need more Fassy? Follow the mother of all Pinterest boards devoted to him HERE. And follow us on LadySmut, before we put a spell on you.b9b5ae925e76478e7f46068ff1eeb35c
  2. Also check out this REALLY cool promo celebrating diversity in romance.  There’s a great give away contest and a free sampler!  imgres-3Click HERE to go to their website. 🙂
  3.  Meanwhile, as we aim ourselves squarely at a day that should be for celebrating stuffing your mouth with chocolates non-stop (but nothing else), here’s Joan Jett hating herself for loving you:






  • Post authorKiersten Hallie Krum

    This series is creepy and over the top…exactly how it should be. Only Fassbender could make a woman pathologically eager to make a naughty, naughty deal with the devil…

    Reply to Kiersten Hallie Krum
  • Post authorG.G. Andrew

    I must watch this immediately…

    Reply to G.G. Andrew

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