Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRUHappy Valentine’s Day Weekend! Read up today’s SSRU offerings and you’ll have some weird smexy factoids at your fingertips you can use to impress your guy or gal when you’re out this weekend being a fool for lurv.

From Madeline:

The truth about sex robots 

The tortured romantic life of Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin who was married to Percy Bysshe Shelley

From H&H:  The Hot Dudes Coloring Book

How did monogamy evolve?

Got a warm place to park? Maybe you want some fun and sun like these Florida Manatees 

This is your memory on love. 

Iconic jazz singer & spy.

The Future is Now: sex toys.

Could too much choice ruin millennial chances at a love connection?

From G.G. Andrew:

The most romantic cities in America, according to Amazon.

What would the world be like if men had periods? Manpons, for one.

Amazon has a zombie apocalypse clause in its new game software. It could happen.

From Elizabeth SaFleur:

Who writes those kinky books? David Woolfall’s portraits of erotic fiction authors.

By Elizabeth Shore:

What men think about while they masturbate. You sure you really want to know?

Twitter’s Moments doesn’t appear to be gaining traction. Maybe because nobody likes it.

Are vibrators messing up our sex lives?











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