Sexy Saturday Round Up

Welcome to spring, my fine fluffy chicks, and another week of SSRU.


From Madeline:

Going after the elusive Breast O. 

International women’s day in five photos

A happy wholesome ending for a hot HAWT felon.

Raise your hand if you think a guy holding a fish makes him more attractive.

Ten kick ass female dicks.

From Elizabeth SaFleur:

B&N pulls the plug on the Nook

I wrote a lapdance/feminism piece for Kate Allure’s blog:

From G.G. Andrew:

Asshat in your life? Try one of these 50 snarky comebacks.

Male leaders mansplaining International Women’s Day.

Child actor in Room has a really hot dad. Seriously. Look at the photos.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Ooooh, gals, why are we sometimes so mean to each other? Marcia Clark’s topless photos is one such nasty betrayal.

An erotica writer ponders why everyone things she’s a sex-crazed maniac.

Think your sexual fetishes are weird? They’re not.

The 10 weirdest places people have been caught having sex.

A peach smoothy for your vajayjay.






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