Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRUHello, readers! Did you miss us last week? We’re here today with lots of links and lustful insights into the world of women and mayhem.  So grab a cuppa joe and come along for the ride.

From Madeline:

Why black women need to know what negging is. 

What if facebook had a vacuum cleaner for a break-up?

NC revoking transgender rights.

The godmother of Manga sex.

American Sex Norms that Europeans will never understand.

How NOT to plot a romance!

Rough sex or rape? Victims on trial in Canadian Broadcaster case.

Sext and the Single girl.

Not so happily ever after — a new trend in romance?

From G.G. Andrew:

Romance Writers of America announces finalists for the 2016 RITA and Golden Heart awards. Congrats to the finalists!

Guys’ bodies vary, too. Check out these Photoshopped images of a man to show different beauty standards around the world.

89 of the creepiest unsolved mysteries of all time.





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