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April 2, 2016

Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRUHola Readers! Hope the spring blossoms have arrived where ever you are and that those of you going ‘achoo!’ can comfort yourself while staying indoors with another week’s SSRU. ¬†Enjoy!

From Madeline:

What can we learn about engineering from the penis.

Why some men prefer women without makeup.

This is what an awesome bj feels like.

Ever tried surfboard sex?

And once you have — here are some sex positions for people with limited mobility.

Forearm hair: yes or no?

From G.G. Andrew:

You should sleep naked, says science. Maybe with someone else who’s naked, too.

Star Wars fan? Check out the Darth Vader photo project.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau does yoga. Enough said.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Low female desire is head-scratchingly complicated, which is probably why scientists aren’t sure how to “treat” it – or even if it needs treating at all.

What we gals really think when men come knocking on the back door.

Safety first! What to do if you get injured during kink play.

Siri’s new response to “I was raped.”

A tip sheet worth passing along: How to be friends with a writer.



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