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SSRUHappy spring, Lady Smut lovelies! We’ve got a plethora of orgasmic links for you today.  So settle in and get your Lady Smut buzz on.

From Jezebel: Horror novel in which the relationships are chewy with toxic badness

Outlander costumes O My!

Are you ready? No, you’re not ready for this Outlander costume. (Remember the French King’s mistress? Remember her swan nipples dress?)

Everything you wanted to know about FemSlash

We Are All Perverts, Book Says. Does this really surprise you?

Got fairies? Liz Everly found a great blog all about them

DA recommends book called Navel Gazing about a guy thinking about his mother’s body. Sounds weird but they say it’s excellent– – check it out here!

I wanna be One Armed Keith, you can be Nicky Two Suits. Which banned pub person are you? Play along at home with this whacky list.

Sandstorms, Segregation, and Other Challenges of Running a Women’s Video Games Convention in Saudi Arabia.

Amazon has a new e-reader called the Oasis. Do we care?

From G.G. Andrew:

Artist in Singapore inks beautiful blackout tattoos.

A Kanye/Beethoven mashup? This orchestra is doing it.

Do young women want to split the check on a date? Sometimes.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Proof positive that we’re all going to hell. Female masturbation is a straight path to Satan.

Don’t be one of these if you want to get dates. Five types of women whom guys say are a nightmare.

36 sex toys you didn’t know you need.

Pay attention guys: 6 things you think we care about, but we don’t.





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  • Post authorKel

    Ugh, the “Who Pays” debate.

    This ties in (AGAIN!) to the rules of hospitality and debt that I learned as a wee-thing. Men used to pay because they had an independent income, while women did other things; acquired tickets to a show that she “just happened” to have, or made dinner, or had him over for the evening, because she *didn’t* have an independent income. The rules from that age only work if the situations are still the same, and the unconscious expectations that humans retain for whatever reason are enough to make me want to pick people up and shake them like a chocolate milk. Nobody owes anyone anything for a gift, and anyone trying to claim debt for it is playing with a stacked deck, but if you want the relationship to work, you gift back – time, attention, a surprise lunch if they like that… whatever. Sex should only every be a thing you do for yourself (and yes, sometimes because you care for a person, and it makes you happy to make them happy – but not because they bought you dinner…).

    And no one is happy in a relationship where they can’t even agree who pays for dinner and the show. There’s a reason that money is the breaking point for so many relationships.

    Also – anyone can make someone else dinner. It’s awesome, as any woman who has had a man make her dinner can attest. I’d rather a homecooked meal than the most expensive restaurant meal in the world. And yes, I’ll take a bologna sammich and a cup of tea at home with the right person over a steak and 5 star service out at a restaurant. And yes, I can make that comparison fully informed.

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