Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRUFrom Madeline:

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing we call life.” –R.I.P Prince, 11 songs you didn’t know Prince wrote.

One woman’s quest to turn her collection of unsolicited dic pics into art.

Young swingers discuss their intro into kinky orgies.

Side saddle is back.  You heard me.

Mice squeak, er, speak a sophisticated language of love.

Best kiss cam evah? This woman double fisting her pizza.

For Alexa: So you need to trim the budget on your ridiculously successful TV show? Just kill off the leading female stars.

And for Sue London: Game of Thrones characters take the Myers Briggs Test.

From G.G. Andrew:

Empathy is hot: we’re more attracted to people whose emotions we can read.

The 10 Most Deadly Phrases in a Relationship. Do you agree/disagree with these?

Charlotte Bronte was born 200 years ago this week. Here are 5 books to read if you love Jane Eyre.



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1 Comment

  • Kel
    April 25, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    I dislike any “do/do not” rules for relationships. Every relationship is different, just like every person is different. Some relationships will need “same bedtimes” some relationships will die a fast and hard death if the participants try to force themselves to adopt each other’s sleep schedules. The things that work for me (blunt, direct, self-confident, openly affectionate) will not work for someone else who isn’t me. The things I find endearing would be distressing at best, and potentially destructive at worst for someone who is my opposite. The sort of person who wants a fairy-tale prince to come save them from… oh, the locked door would be horrified by every step of my ideal relationship, while I would find theirs stifling and restrictive almost immediately. Neither of us is wrong, we’re just different people.


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