April 30, 2016

Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRUWhat glorious spring weather we’re having! When you’re done waltzing about outside singing Tra-la! under blue skies, we’ll be here so you can settle down and follow the latest and greatest in erotic romance reads, romance, gender, and other simply fascinating news and opinion.

Jezebel sez Chyna deserved better.  R.I.P. Chyna, world wrestling great.

From Heroes & Heartbreakers: 7 reasons to binge watch The Night Manager and #Hiddlesbum

Use simple mathematical science to unlock the secrets of online dating!

Why you should stop hugging your dog.

Maybe you’re straight, maybe you’re gay, or maybe you’re asexual? Learn about this hub for asexuals & a pod cast about their lives. 

Another wonderful article on why women who want to look younger should stop dying their hair and go grey.

OMG! I want to see this movie sooooo badly! The AB/FAB movie trailer is here!

Best erotic romance bets for April.

You look so young! New Science says you might be a ginger.

From Rolling Stone: More on millennials & Sex! 

Are you perpetuating these 6 tricky toxic relationship behaviors?

From G.G. Andrew:

The Southside with You trailer, a movie about the Barack and Michelle falling in love, lands. Swoon!

Is there a connection between DNA and when we lose our virginity?

Tinder has a new feature. Like it? Hate it?

From Elizabeth Shore:

Is it art or just plain weird? We return for a second week: The woman with tons of dick pics turns her collection into a show.

Filed under the headline of WTF??! – An Oklahoma court rules that forced oral sex isn’t rape if the victim is unconscious.

The end of an era – after 30 years on the air, “Loveline” calls it quits.

Sex and Shakespeare – much ado about pain.







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