May 12, 2016

On The Run–From Zombies! (Post-Apocalyptic Menage)

imgresby Madeline Iva

FLESH by Kylie Scott is an excellent erotic romance read.  There are many things to love about it.

ON THE RUN! I love books where there is a lot of tension and an edge of danger, don’t you?  Where the sex is a release from all the built up pressure.  It’s not just sex for sex’s sake–which is wonderful in real life of course–but in an erotic romance I like my plots a little more chewy.

FROM ZOMBIES! There are rattles at the door, bumps in the night.  Kylie Scott just does a very good job of keeping us aware that it’s an oogie world out there, better cuddle up tight with someone where it’s safe (for now) and find a little shelter from the (sh**) storm (for now).

So, Kylie’s heroine, Ali, has come out of her hidey hole to score some food and runs into a guy, who in my mind (since Kylie is an Aussie) I saw as Hugh Jackman.  Daniel is very tall with brown hair, crinkles at the corners of his eyes, and has an open, optimistic demeanor.

Some might quarrel with the love at first sight motif, but this is a post-apocalyptic land.  Anyone who is not gross biker-gang scum is someone worthy of insta-lurv.  If only out of sheer gratitude that, finally, after weeks and months, you’ve encountered someone who doesn’t want to eat your brains.

Now loving someone at first sight can easily be conflated with wanting to boink someone at first site. Wanting to boink at first site is very common in erotic romance.  “I’ve just laid eyes on you and I want to f**k you bad/hard/right now.

Okay, let me say this: even thought it’s a very common motif, it just doesn’t do it for me.  I don’t mind a dude who falls in love at first sight, but keep it to yourself, will ya? And even more important–keep it in your pants until you get to know me a little, please.  I can’t help what I look like.  That, as Tyra says, was mommy and daddy’s work.  But the inner me?  This is something I’ve cultivated, and it means more to me if you get to know and like the inner me than it does if you simply drool all over the outer shell.

Okay–getting off my soap box now.

Yet this is how Daniel reacts to Ali. He drools helplessly and overtly.  You can see however, that although he *wants* to be cool about it, he can’t.  Yet he tries to be all me-and-you-for-eternity-yes? in as friendly a way as possible.

Despite that, I still kept thinking, “It’s the end of the world, and on top of all my other problems some random guy is pressuring me for sex? I would find that quite irritating.” And indeed, Ali is irritated by Dan at first.  But that’s my particular quirk, reader.  Dan knows he’s coming on strong.  We see Dan struggle with himself and lose.  He’s just a good guy gone horny in a crazy world.  Some readers will find this endearing.

Me, I hung in there.  And as I read along, I kept thinking I wish he was a little more cool about Ali.  I wish he was a little less focussed on her and more on the problems at hand.  Because we all know that the competent guy is so hot in these situations.  (I’m looking at you Daryl.)

...And hot cop makes 3. I love a menage where one of the guys comes with handcuffs.
…And hot cop makes 3. I love a menage where one of the guys comes with handcuffs.

It was like Kylie Scott read my mind!

Enter Finn.  A little less impressed with Ali, and a lot cooler than Dan, Finn is at a distance on his motor bike, scouting out the duo. He’s not just gorgeous, Finn also turns out to be quite deadly, and more prepared to wipe out the nasty biker-gang scum they unexpectedly run across at the nearest derelict grocery store.

I love repressed emotions as much as the next girl, and as soon as Finn is sitting around with Ali who’s fretting because Daniel might or might not be dead, and he’s wanting her badly, and hiding it so it’s not obvious to her, Kylie Scott hit all my happy buttons.  Finn was definitely my guy.  And when events take a menage turn (as one knew they would) and Finn says he likes to ‘be in control’ and gets a little BDSM-y lite, I was even happier.

All-in-all FLESH was exactly what I wanted to read this week, and Kylie Scott is an excellent, talented erotic romance author. I’ll definitely be checking out her other books as well.  Full disclosure: I heard FLESH was awesome, so I asked Kylie for a free copy to read and she gave it to me.

Speaking of ON THE RUN — our Elizabeth Shore has a new book out this week that’s all the way on the other end of the erom spectrum.

The end of an awful marriage might be the beginning of something smoking hot. Click to buy.
The end of an awful marriage might be the beginning of something smoking hot. Click to buy.

It’s a historical about a heroine named Lucy, falsely accused of murder–and therefore, also on the run. She flees to London, assumes the name of Catherine Sheffield, and tries to avoid the dreadful history of her marriage catching up with her.  Won’t you follow this link to Amazon and take a peek?

So what books have you read with an On the Run theme? Any good one’s lately? There are so many great variations including: run and hide, on the lam (from the law), etc.  Tell us your favorite titles in the comments section.  🙂  And if you’ve read any other hot Kylie Scott novels, let me know!

Meanwhile, make sure to follow us at Lady Smut.  We’ll lead you right to the good stuff and keep you out of handcuffs.  That is, unless you *want* to wear handcuffs. ; >

Madeline Ivaimgres writes fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary romance.  Her novella ‘Sexsomnia’ is available in our LadySmut anthology HERE, and her fantasy romance, WICKED APPRENTICE, will be out Fall, 2016.





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