Sexy Saturday Round Up

14 May

SSRUAnother Saturday, another morning to spend rolling around in bed, reading Sexy Saturday Round Up and drinking hot chocolate.  Well, a girl can dream, can’t she? ; > Here’s to hoping you get to indulge yourself this weekend with some of our fascinating tid-bits gathered from all about the internet. Enjoy!

From Madeline:

Why not John Cho? We need more hot Asian actors in movies.

Forced to wear high heels? There oughtta be a law against it.

A broken heart is real – and a danger to you.

Because we wouldn’t be LadySmut if we didn’t lurv following more convo about black hair.

This woman is addicted to collecting pussy.

Heard about the whole black women at West Point controversy? Well, if you haven’t here’s what’s what.

And the follow up to the controversy.

Sex talk for muslim women.

Is that hair you shaved growing back thicker than before? Naaah!

From Elizabeth Shore:

Higher education will ruin your womb! This and other myths over the years about women’s bodies.

What does it take to get a job around here? Some LinkedIn users apparently think showing some skin helps.

Who needs porn when we can look at Jon Snow? Game of Thrones is so popular that porn traffic drops when the show’s on.

If you want that hot guy to come running, just make sure he can’t easily catch you.

Since May is Masturbation Month, here are 5 techniques to blow your mind.


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