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May 21, 2016

Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRU“It’s May, the lusty month of May!” You’ve found us–and it’s Saturday! Time for our SSRU.  Here we inspire you with hope about progress on the pro-sexual front, roll our eyes occasionally, and tickle your gender palate with all the smexy there is.  Your antidote to the weekend blahs.

From Madeline:

But I don’t want a blue-tooth in my vagina. Tampons for the future.

From NYTimes: Single Woman seeking manwich.  [While I appreciated this article, it was, alas, not about a woman forming a human sandwich with two guys like I thought it would be. 🙁 ]

Who you calling dunk? Jezebel glories in stock photos of supposedly drunk women /women about to hurl.

Have you tried the latest trend in Rainbow Brite eyebrows?

From Elizabeth SaFleur: The tantalizing truth about sex pheromones

From Elizabeth Shore:

Here you go, guys: A user’s guide for how to f**k a turned-on woman.

And here’s a bonus guide! – What we’re thinking when guys are going down on us.

Get married, watch more porn. Well, women do anyway.

Sex toys for people with lots and lots of money. 24-karat dildo, anyone?

Self-pleasure 101.









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