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May 26, 2016

FREE READ!!! Desire Rising

The end of an awful marriage might be the beginning of something smoking hot. Click to buy.
The end of an awful marriage might be the beginning of something smoking hot. Click to buy.

By Elizabeth Shore

Hey Sexies! Madeline Iva is off today and has generously offered me the use of her spot so I can give you all a sexy peek at my newest erotic historical release, Desire Rising. Here’s hoping it leaves you squirming. 😉

They walked into the dense thicket and were rewarded with an atmosphere cool and hushed, like that of a church, without anyone else around. They stopped beneath a leafy tree, but Miles’ levity from earlier in the day had vanished. Tightness around his lips and the stark, drawn expression on his face left him looking like a man haunted by the weighty burden of grief.

She recalled what Budding had said. Must have been hell—pure hell. Her eyes welled with sympathy. She didn’t know what tortured Miles, but the reasons didn’t matter. Whatever they were, she understood his pain.

He looked over, meeting her gaze, and took in a breath. “You may be wondering—”

“No, Miles.” She shook her head. “What you choose to share with me about yourself—or not share— will be your decision alone and done in your own time. Until then, you need not say a thing.”

He cleared his throat and she noticed his hands ball into fists. “’Tis difficult to find the right words.”

“Which is why you needn’t find them with me.”

He took a step closer, looking into her eyes. “You are an uncommon woman, Catherine Sheffield.”


He smiled. “And quite agreeable.”

“When it suits me.”

Miles leaned into his right arm, resting against the tree. His despair of moments ago faded, leaving in its wake the spark of desire. He lifted his left hand and trailed his fingers across her cheek. “And does this suit you?”

He bent closer so they were inches apart, the warm exhalations of his breath gliding across her face. With his forefinger he caressed her top lip and then bottom, circling her mouth with a touch light as air. He inserted just the tip of his finger into her mouth, sweeping it across her tongue, then withdrawing it to paint the moisture across her bottom lip.

“It does.” Her response was little more than a whisper. The excited beats of her pulse trembled like leaves stirred by the wind.

“How about this?” he asked, his hand straying downward to trace light, sensual patterns along her throat. When he reached the indentation at the base of her neck he paused, stroking her collarbone. Then he dipped lower, teasing the swell of her bosom before sliding his palm over her left breast, caressing it through the fabric of her dress.

Her nipple puckered in response to his touch. Slow, delicious pulses throbbed low in her groin. Her eyes drifted closed, lost in a carnal haze.

“Look at me.” He lightly pinched her nipple. “I want to watch you get aroused.”

“How do you know I will?” she challenged, though the breathiness of her reply betrayed her bravado.

“Trust me, you will.” The flat of his hand glided over her belly, drawing ever closer to the apex of her legs. “I’m about to make it so. You shall feel my touch all over your body, and I shall hear you moan.”

Although the park was empty of visitors, Miles stepped even closer to Catherine to ensure his body shielded hers. Then with one hand he lifted her skirt and chemise while he slid the other beneath the silk material to caress her thighs. Where his fingertips stroked, a line of fire sizzled along her skin.

Her breath whooshed from her lungs. Her heartbeat soared. Miles’ hand roamed upward from her thigh to cup her mons then he brazenly slid a finger through the soaking folds and lightly stroked. 
She gasped, shocked yet thrilled at his daring.

Taking her cue from his boldness, she spread her legs farther apart, needing more of his skilled caresses to soothe her burning ache. He smiled as though she’d given him a reward and continued his assault. Her blood roared in her ears, skin burning from Miles’ attention. Her breaths came hot and quick.

“Let go, Catherine,” he whispered, increasing the pressure of his hand. “Let me see your desire. I would know how far I can take you.”

It was as though he were testing her, seeing if he could expose her limitations. She rose to the challenge and nodded. “If you dare.”

“Oh,” he growled beneath his breath. “I dare.”


Elizabeth Shore writes both contemporary and historical erotic romance. Her recent releases include Hot Bayou Nights and The Lady Smut Book of Dark Desires. Her newest book, released April 29th, is an erotic historical novella, Desire Rising, from The Wild Rose Press.



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