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June 4, 2016

Sexy Saturday Round Up

SSRUIs summer finally here? We’re all about hot skin, hot skies, and hot romance! Here are some fun, curious, and bizarre links for your weekend enjoyment.  Hope you’re out getting brunch and relaxing in the sun.

From Elizabeth Shore:

Ensuring your orgasm despite your man’s small penis.

I’ll take a double. Vodka made from San Francisco fog. Yes. Really.

Let’s hear it for equal opportunity sex! Number of U.S. adults having homosexual experiences has doubled since the 90’s.

So….is this a good idea? Panties that double as tampons.

Your man’s not around but you’re craving his package? Just have him Clone-A-Willy. Problem solved.

From G.G. Andrew:

Guy proposes using Super Mario. Nerd swoon!

Is bacon love? Nick Jonas sings so.

There’s now Key Lime Twinkies. Yay/nay?

From Madeline Iva:

File this under ‘ew’. Role playing with photos of other people’s children.

Jezebel sez: Here’s Why the Wage Gap Revolution Will Not Be Led by Millionaire Actresses

Astronomers crack the secret of Sappho’s poem.

Denmark no longer defines transgender as a mental illness.

Your ideal brothel? Sex workers weigh in.

A-hole judge puts public defender in handcuffs.







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