June 9, 2016

Heartless: Soul Sucking Sex Moppets

Two hot twins trying to solve one four hundred year old curse.

by Madeline Iva

Heartless, a dark Y.A. TV show from the Netherlands & Netflix, makes all my guilty-pleasure bells ring.

It’s got everything you’d want from a twisted dark Y.A.: from a paranormal premise to all the pretty people at a rich, decadent, ancient boarding school. It starts off with two hot orphan twins — a boy and a girl — tormented over the fact that they’re awful and they’re going to get caught and arrested at some point as they crawl about the city, soul sucking energy from the disco populace at large.  The boy, Sebastian, can’t control his impulses and kills people by sucking too much from them their bodies until they ignite and burn.

Do we like shows about black-eyed, soul-sucking succubus twins? -- hell yeah!
Do we like shows about black-eyed, soul-sucking succubus twins? — hell yeah!

So it’s the girl, Sophie, who has to go out and git some for the family.  The actress, Julie Zangenberg, is so good, even though their backstory is never spelled out in detail, her nuanced acting gives you all the feels of the young girl who’s had to go trolling among the creeps.  She’s had to be fondled and felt up until she can get them into her soul sucking grasp.  Survival has taken its toll in this nasty world, and there’s a bit of orphan self-pity and hurt in her gasps and cries as her brother sucks what he needs from her.  (In a way that is so hot and so wrong, btw.  When I said this show is a guilty pleasure I *meant* it.)

They go back to the orphanage they ran away from years ago to find out more about the mother who abandoned them way back.  She herself was a teen, they learn, and they gain some clues about her that lead them to–wait for it–Ottmannsgaard–an elite boarding school specializing in double letters.  (Just kidding.) In fact, the grounds in the woods surrounding Ottmannsgaard are littered with the decaying bodies of other youths just like Sophie and Sebastian on the hunt for the ‘truth’. If only they knew.  Cue the cackling of merciless evil male laughter.

Like a soul-sucker about to expire, I hoovered up the series in a very short time.   The show’s characters are for the most part so hot–even the ones who aren’t supposed to be–like Nadja, that I floated along on the waves of beauty and sin.

It was hard for me to determine which if the twins I liked better.  Sebastian seemed more the type to blend into a rich surroundings.  He had that golden boy thing about him.  It was so captivating to watch him fall in love for the first time and realize he couldn’t even kiss the girl he has feelings for–afraid he’ll kill her when his powers go out of control.

Sebastian, tortured soul in a golden-boy body.
Sebastian, tortured soul in a golden-boy body.

Yet Sophie was a real scrapper.  Getting into it–again in such a hot-yet-wrong way–with the ‘head boy’ evil Ditlev.  (I could make so many jokes about head boys.  I won’t though.) The bad guys in this TV show just go for the Hitler-youth thing in a no-holds-barred way.  And when the sexy Aryan-youth wants his sad moppet succubus girl–just, wow.  (In fact, when one of the bad guys gets it, my friend stopped watching the show–that’s how deep she sank into the show’s glittering perversity.)

Ditlev wants his sad sex moppet succubus.
Ditlev wants his sad sex moppet succubus.

Then there were the headmaster’s daughters — hot and hotter, and witches too, as it turned out.  The older one had an arresting quality, and yeah, looked like she could totally hold her own with whatever witch she might meet down some dark alley, for sure.  The younger one had one of those “I’m here, but I don’t get to say much” kind of roles.  Which didn’t matter.  I mean, she didn’t talk a lot, but she made birds drop dead out of the sky, in this perfect la la la I’m even more powerful than you, and la la la, even hotter than you, but whatever, just hanging out…off-handed way.

Witchy sisters. I liked the younger one, on the right best.
Witchy sisters. I like the younger one on the right best.

The core of the story revolves around a curse–a multi-generational curse at that–which has been working out badly for everyone for hundreds of years. But what I liked best about the show was the development of Nadja’s character.  She’s Sophie’s good-girl-but-dull roommate.  She falls for Sebastian hard, despite/because of Sophie’s warning that he’s heartless when it comes to girls.

That awkward face you make when you had a big orgasm, but like now half your soul has been eaten?
That awkward face you make when you had a big orgasm the first time you had sex, but, like, now half your soul has been eaten?

Nadja isn’t really a nerdy girl – however she’s the closest thing this school of hotness had to offer. She’s helplessly crushing hard on Sebastian, and she wakes up to find she’s love’s bitch.  Then she just owns it. She’s the underdog, the one flying under the radar—I liked her.  Sebastian uses her for some soul-sucking, and hey, she survives it.  She’s stronger than she looks. Moreover, she offers to let him do it to her again, to use her, even knowing he doesn’t like her.  This develops into a very interesting dynamic.  He’s not interested in her–and he doesn’t want to use her either.  He’s trying to redeem himself and he doesn’t want to be ‘that guy’ any longer.  But Sophie needs some of his energy, and with school curfew …he’s in a jam.

Only in Denmark would fencing be the only sport offered at a boarding school. Well, not *real* fencing...
Only in Denmark would fencing be the only sport offered at a boarding school. Well, not *real* fencing…

I just get so caught up in that struggle of what to do when he’s just not that into you but still needs to suck your soul from time to time dynamic.  I mean, if there was a season two for this show — I’d want it to explore this dynamic further.

Did I mention the queer relationships?
Did I mention the queer relationships?

The ultimate appeal for me was that whole ‘this isn’t really high school, but who cares’ genre of decadent rich, meets the cursed witchy, spooky, I-don’t-give-a-f*ck-cool poor, etc.  It just reeks of the most delectable darkness, and I could not get enough.

How about you? Any other dark Y.A. lovers out there? What would you recommend?

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Madeline Ivaimgres writes fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary romance.  Her novella ‘Sexsomnia’ is available in our LadySmut anthology HERE, and her fantasy romance, WICKED APPRENTICE, will be out Fall, 2016.

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  • Post authorS.A. Hunter

    Madeline, this is a great write-up. It covered the show really well. I do wish they hadn’t rushed Ditlev’s story. They made him go super dark and horrible very quickly. By the end, they had only one path to take with him. And Sophie’s character was great.

    Reply to S.A. Hunter
    • Post authorMadeline Iva

      Yes, my fellow Dark Y.A. lover — so much could have been done to slow down Big D’s character arc and mess with all the flavors of the rainbow in his evil soul.

      And readers—if your soul hungers for more Dark Y.A. check out this blog post I did about S.A. Hunter’s twisted little contemporary YA series on Kindle Unlimited here: https://ladysmut.com/tag/my-demon/

      Reply to Madeline Iva
  • Post authorElizabeth Shore

    Soul sucking succubus twins – nowhere else but Lady Smut! I’m just shaking my head…at how intrigued I am! 😉 You find the craziest stuff. Great post, Madeline.

    Reply to Elizabeth Shore
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